Audiobook of Drama King the last Nicky and Noah Mystery By Joe Cosentino

Jun 5, 2024 | 2024 Articles, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Joe Cosentino

Author Joe Cosentino interviews audiobook performer Brian Cheney at the release of the audiobook of Drama King, the 18th/last Nicky and Noah mystery!

Joe: Hi, Brian. Welcome to our interview for the audiobook release of Drama King, Nicky and Noah mystery book 18. Drama King is our 8th audiobook collaboration! Should I say, “King me?”

Brian: Checkmate. I love performing and producing the Nicky and Noah mystery audio books.

Joe: As Nicky might say, “I’m happier than a past Republican president stealing US government documents for a foreign dictator” at the terrific job you did performing the audiobook of book 18 in this series. Since this is the last novel in the series, was your process in creating this audiobook any different from the others?

Brian Cheney

Brian: This one was just as fun as all the others that I’ve had the pleasure to narrate!

Joe: As you know, in the 18th Nicky and Noah mystery novel cute and cozy couple (Try saying that three times fast while whistling) Nicky and Noah produce their own wacky musical version of the King Arthur Legend called Knights in Tights.

Brian: And there are some snags along the way, and not only in their tights (smile).

Joe: Are you a King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table fan?

Brian: Oh sure! But I’m more partial to Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood, Men in Tights.

Joe: What do you think it is about King Arthur, Lancelot, and the knights of the Round Table that has intrigued so many people for some generations?

Brian: I think it’s all about chivalry, royalty, good vs evil, all that classic stuff!

Joe: You are an incredibly talented actor, singer, and audio book performer. Your sense of comic timing is remarkable. You perform the dramatic scenes and singing beautifully. What were some challenges that you faced in performing this audio book?

Brian: As I emailed you after I had finished a particularly challenging chapter with so many different voices, it nearly broke me this time! (hah!) I think the challenges are always to keep the pacing and energy of the book moving. It’s really like a dance.

Joe: This is your eighth Nicky and Noah mystery audiobook. Which audiobook was the most difficult to perform?

Brian: They all present their wonderful challenges when it comes to the comic investigative roleplay voices! I must say, I think my Vlad Dracul was to die for! (pun intended)

Joe: As you know, each of the Nicky and Noah mystery novels are loaded with humor, mystery, romance, clues, red herrings, and a shocking but happy ending (pun intended). How did you decide on the voices for each of the new characters in this novel, including the hysterically funny role-play characters?

Brian: As always Joe, your description of each character made it so easy and sparked such vivid pictures in my imagination!

Joe: I marveled at how you performed over twenty different and entertaining voices so perfectly. Which character in the story was your favorite to bring to life and why?

Brian: I’m a sucker for a Scottish accent, so Lairie from Scotland.

Joe: Which character was the most difficult to voice and why?

Brian: Lairie from Scotland due to the Scottish accent.

Joe: Without giving away any spoilers, did you guess the twist whodunit ending before reading it?

Brian: I had NO idea! It was a shocker!

Joe: Why should audiobook lovers buy Drama King?

Brian: Because this audiobook will make you, as Nicky said, “happier than a Republican-appointed, alcoholic, rapist Supreme Court justice taking away LGBT rights due to ‘family values’.”

Joe: How can audiobook fans find out more about you?

Brian: Be sure to check out my website to see everything I am up to as a performing artist. Whether it’s opera, musical theater, film/tv, or audiobook narrations!

Joe: Thank you for sharing your time and talents, Brian. We make a great team. And I’m thrilled that we have more collaborations to come!

Brian: Thank you, Joe! Me too and stay tuned…

Drama King (the 18th Nicky and Noah mystery) by Joe Cosentino
Listen to an excerpt of the audiobook performed by Brian Cheney:

It’s summertime at Treemeadow College and the living isn’t easy. Theatre professors and adorable couple Nicky, Noah, and their thespian troupe stage an original musical adaptation of the King Arthur Legends entitled, Knights in Tights. Queens blissfully shout, “King me,” until critics drop like their scathing reviews. Once again in this novel, our favorite thespians will need to use their drama skills to catch the killer before their crowns spin—around their throats. You will be applauding and shouting Bravo for Joe Cosentino’s fast-paced, side-splittingly funny, edge-of-your-seat entertaining eighteenth mystery in this delightful series. It’s a royal riot! So hurry to your seat. The stage lights are coming up in Camelot on a king on the down low who pulls his long sword out of a tight stone, knights of the roundtable craving a circle jerk, a half-fairy son with a daddy complex, more men in tights than in a Promise Keepers’ convention, and murder!

Praise for the Nicky and Noah mysteries:

“Joe Cosentino has a unique and fabulous gift. His writing is flawless, and his plot-lines will have you guessing until the very last page, which makes his books a joy to read. His books are worth their weight in gold, and if you haven’t discovered them yet you are in for a rare treat.” Divine Magazine

“a combination of Laurel and Hardy mixed with Hitchcock and Murder She Wrote
Loaded with puns and one-liners…Right to the end, you are kept guessing, and the conclusion still has a surprise in store for you…the best modern Sherlock and Watson in books today…I highly recommend this book and the entire series, it’s a pure pleasure, full of fun and love, written with talent and brio…fabulous…brilliant” Optimumm Book Reviews

Connect with Joe:

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Joe Cosentino was voted Favorite MM Mystery, Humorous, and Contemporary Author of the Year by the readers of Divine Magazine for Drama Queen, the first Nicky and Noah mystery novel. He is also the author of the remaining Nicky and Noah mysteries: Drama Muscle, Drama Cruise, Drama Luau, Drama Detective, Drama Fraternity, Drama Castle, Drama Dance, Drama Faerie, Drama Runway, Drama Christmas, Drama Pan, Drama TV, Drama Oz, Drama Prince, Drama Merry, Drama Daddy, Drama King; the Player Piano Mysteries: The Player and The Player’s Encore; the Jana Lane Mysteries: Paper Doll, Porcelain Doll, Satin Doll, China Doll, Rag Doll; the Cozzi Cove series: Cozzi Cove: Bouncing Back, Moving Forward, Stepping Out, New Beginnings, Happy Endings; the In My Heart Anthology: An Infatuation & A Shooting Star; the Tales from Fairyland Anthology: The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland and Holiday Tales from Fairyland; the Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories Anthology: A Home for the Holidays, The Perfect Gift, The First Noel; and the Found At Last Anthology: Finding Giorgio and Finding Armando. His books have won numerous Book of the Month awards and Rainbow Award Honorable Mentions. As an actor, Joe appeared in principal roles in film, television, and theatre, opposite stars such as Bruce Willis, Rosie O’Donnell, Nathan Lane, Jason Robards, and Holland Taylor. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Goddard College, Master’s degree from SUNY New Paltz, and is currently a happily married emeritus college theatre professor residing in New York State.

Brian Cheney, hailed by KUSC Los Angeles as the “next great tenor”, protégé of legendary tenor Jerry Hadley, has gained international acclaim for his portrayal of characters such as Radamés in Aida, Don José in Carmen, Mario Cavaradossi in Tosca, Rodolfo in La bohème, the Duke in Rigoletto, and Canio in Pagliacci. “It is tenor Brian Cheney as the brave painter Cavaradossi who really blew me away. Cheney has that terrific tenor sound: the power, richness, and vocal color of a high baritone combined with ringing, awe-inspiring high notes” (Stage and Cinema.) Highlights from last season include Mr. Cheney’s creation of the role of Victor Frankenstein in the world premiere performance of Gregg Kallor’s Frankenstein in New York to critical acclaim and his National Philharmonic debut as the tenor soloist in Leonard Bernstein’s Mass and West Side Story. “Cheney’s ringing tenor voice carried well in the stone catacombs, conveying the fear that the deep bass sound of the monster summoned. And as the section of the sketches went on, Cheney’s voice bloomed to match the action and threats of the creature.” (Operawire) Recent engagements include Radamés in Aida with Virginia Opera, Antonin Scalia in Derrick Wang’s Scalia/Ginsburg with Toledo Opera, and Salute to Vienna performances in Miami, West Palm Beach, Nashville, and New York City (Lincoln Center). In audiobooks, Mr. Cheney performed several Nicky and Noah Mystery novels, All the King’s Men by Scott Leddy, Swarm by Guy Morris, The Last Ark by Guy Morris, and Pressure by Barry Napier.

Cover Art: Jesús Da Silva


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