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The Fault In Our Stars: By John Green


FROM THE 2014 Articles,
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by Jessica Runnels

With the movie being released it seemed a perfect time to repost our review of this awesome book!

Cry, laugh, smile; that is what you will do when you read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. John Green is my favorite author of all time. He writes the greatest young adult books I have ever read. He makes you feel like he understands you. Some adults treat teenagers or “young adults” like they are not equal and that everything they feel is silly. But John Green does not treat teenagers that way. His writing shows you that he sees all humans equally and that everyone’s feelings are valid. His writing and stories are so wonderful that adults will enjoy them as well.

The Fault In Our Stars is narrated by a 16 year-old girl with cancer named Hazel Grace. Hazel is forced by her parents to attend a cancer support group once a week so she can make friends. She despises going until one day Augustus Waters shows up and her whole life is changed for the better. Hazel is witty, sarcastic, and honest in the narration of her life and makes you feel her pain and also makes you laugh at the silliness of her life. Augustus Waters is a handsome, somewhat nerdy boy, who makes your heart melt with his sweet words. Though their love story may not be the typical, it will make your heart melt and break anyway. This book paints a realistic picture of life, death, love, and what it’s like to be a teenager with a terminal illness. book

The Fault In Our Stars is easily my favorite book. All of John Green’s books are incredible but this one stands out above the rest. A book has never made me cry as much as this one and no book has ever made me want to hold onto it and never let it go. The Fault In Our Stars is my security blanket. I could take it everywhere with me and it would always make my heart feel whole and make me feel safe. That is what a good book does to you. It warms your heart. I am currently reading The Fault In Our Stars a second time and I expect to read it many more times in my lifetime. I suggest that everyone read this book. It will change the way you feel about life, death, love, family, and reading in general. Go pick up The Fault In Our Stars and let it warm your heart.

John Green and his brother Hank Green have created a wonderful community called Nerdfighteria, where nerds can come together to prevent world suck. If you would like to know more about it, watch their videos on the YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers and go to nerdfighters.com

Watch for a review of The Fault In Our Stars movie next week!

Jessica Runnels is 21 years old and an ongoing contributor; with dreams of being on Broadway, she’s right at home covering Entertainment.

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