10th Anniversary by James Patterson: Book Review

Jun 4, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Books & Tales, Jesus Ibarra, Mysteryrat's Maze, Teens

by Jesus Ibarra

The Women’s Murder Club is back in the tenth installment of James Patterson’s and Maxine Paetro’s best selling series.

Finally Lindsay Boxer ties the knot with her long time beau, Joe, and is as happy as she could be, but a case about a missing child pulls her back into her job more intensely than ever. At the same time, her friend, ADA, Yuki Castellano, is prosecuting the trial that could make or break her career, and Lindsay gets involved when all doesn’t look as it seems. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s new boss is keeping a close watch on her and doesn’t always approve of her choices on the job.

So one of my favorite series returns but I felt it was a bit underwhelmed by the mystery and cases, especially since I figured it out very quickly. However, the Lindsay character truly carries this book and series on her back by making me so invested in her. The book is a solid read, and I wish they had given Lindsay a more formidable case and opponent because her character is so much better when dealing with a serial killer or a psycho. Again, her personal life and relationships with all the other characters make up for this immensely.

I only have two complaints with this book–so SPOILER ALERT, read over this if you don’t want part of the story spoiled for you. Lindsay’s obsession with getting pregnant, which seems a bit out of character for her, and how much focus is put on her needing to get pregnant instead of exploring the death of her father, which happened off screen. There is so much potential as her father had influenced the character of Lindsay since the first book. Hopefully this story line is picked up in the next book.

Other than those two issues, 10th Anniversary is a great read that will have you enticed with the Women’s Murder Club’s complicated relationships.

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