How to prepare for the NBCOT® Exam

Jun 3, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Education

by staff

Studying for an examination seems to become a bit dragging for everyone most especially to students. To most occupational therapist wannabes, the NBCOT® examination is known to be their most feared test. Preparing and reviewing is the best shield for the upcoming battles.

The National Board of Certification for Occupational Therapy handles the examinations for these brave individuals, who willingly and wholeheartedly want to become a helping hand to those who are in need, mostly in their occupational obligations.

Examinations not only give headaches and burden to students, despite the negative predispositions, exams also help individuals assess their knowledge and skills about specific areas. How well have you learned from the subject, and what about simulations, can you apply your learning to your present situations?

NBCOT® answered these questions through their primary mission, which is advancing customer care and professional practice by establishing evidence-based certification standards and validating knowledge essential to effective occupational therapy practice. Passing the Occupational Therapy Registered (OTR) and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant examinations give you the privilege to acquire the board’s certification stating you have undergone measurements and assessments to practice the profession.

Readiness for the examination
How well prepared are you for taking the tests? NBCOT® offers a variety of exam prep tools to help students focus on the upcoming examinations.

NBCOT® Exam StudyPack: A comprehensive platform for preparing examinations to support the study plans of each student. Included in this pack are hundreds of practice tests that allow students to exercise their knowledge, and simulate their skills in answering the exams.

Study guides, self-assessment tools, flashcards, knowledge match, mini-tests, and so much more, are also included here so that every student can prepare for the upcoming test.

Study Guide: Included in this guide are testing strategies, effective study habits, practice tests with rationales, and references. This guide also helps students come up with successful study plans that serve as their motivation plan in taking up the exam.

Self-Assessment Tool: These tools are an excellent guide to help students identify their perceived skills, knowledge, and experience in regards to validated occupational therapy practice domains and tasks. The assessment can help students identify gaps when they use this before and after fieldwork.

Feedback is given after the Self-Assessment to help students establish their study plan. Students can take the assessment as many times as they want to track their competency for the entry-level practice.

Flashcards: This study tool can help you productively learn things. Students can compete amongst themselves to test if they have understood each concept while involving more senses in the learning process. Sorting and flipping features can make student participate actively.

Knowledge Match Game: Learning in fun, and interactive situations, is what this tool provides while testing every candidate’s knowledge about occupational therapy. It uses your speed and ability in matching statements with the appropriate categories. This tool is more useful to students who get easily bored studying their subjects.

Practice Test: Answering the examination questions will become easier if you’ve practiced them beforehand. This tool helps students exercise the examination’s pacing simulation, having the same items as the actual tests and learn the proper way of answering. Given at the end of the test is a feedback report along with the scaled score.

Prep courses are also available online that cater to student’s needs by providing one-on-one tutoring, examination tips, and must know pieces of information. Thus, in studying for the NBCOT®, there are things every student should remember.

• Anxiety can be present while taking the test. This feeling is what most people feel, and there is no other way to resolve this but to trust yourself. Students should remind themselves that they are more than their anxieties and that they have prepared enough for the exam.
• Over thinking may not help during the test. It can make students forget their main focus and instead pick answers other than what first comes to mind. Reading the question and immediately asking yourself what the problem is asking makes the process a lot easier.
• Building your test tolerance is also essential while preparing for the NBCOT® examination, knowing it is a lengthy test covering multiple areas. Practicing the right timing can make taking the actual test less stressful.

Preparing for examinations may vary in every student. Some may learn better while listening to music, while others may want a quiet environment while studying. Some want to prepare months before the NBCOT® examinations, while some may prefer studying for weeks, or reviewing the course outline days before.

Exam prep tools help throughout the process to discover the student’s best way of getting their license, and online courses can also guide you while preparing for the exam. Above all else, motivating oneself is a crucial component for effective studying.

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