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May 26, 2018 | 2018 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Podcasts, Tom Sims

by Tom Sims

I recently met Ryan Murry, founder of In Touch Media Group, when he attended a breakfast sponsored by my Community Benefit Organization (non-profit) and asked to interview me about our work in the community. Since many of the best interviews are conversational, I also learned a lot about him, his life journey, and his passion for connecting local Community Benefit Organizations who share a common desire to work for the transformation of the Fresno area.

podcast producer

Ryan Murry

According to In Touch Media Group’s website, it is, “… a community of leaders, action takers, and would-be regular individuals who have chosen to get off the stagnant, unfulfilling path of trading time for money in some meaningless job and have instead taken steps to create a life of purpose and fulfillment.”

Ryan and his associates provide training, technical resource, and coaching to help organizations accomplish their goals and get their messages out. They also set a table where these groups can “connect, collaborate, and contribute with likeminded individuals, causes and movements that seek to uplift, empower and impact communities and the world at large.”

On his website and in person, Ryan is transparent about his journey.

He worked extensively in the media world and for some time in the television industry. Caught up in the corporate world, he grew weary of the pace and lack of a sense of reward and purpose in what he was doing.podcast

He freely tells of painful loss of a baby and how he sought to cope with that pain through alcohol and work. He will also tell you of some discoveries that led him out of that darkness and to the place where he is seeking to give back to the community, live a life of purpose, and experience genuine fulfillment.

As he writes, “Sobriety had brought me the ability of thinking clearer and with that further questions needed answering. So, I asked myself if I had a million dollars, would that make me feel more at ease? My answer was “no,” which caught me off guard.”

One of the projects that has ignited the passion in his heart is his participation with The Garden of Innocence which provides dignified burials for abandoned children whose lives have ended way too soon.

Each organization that In Touch Media Group interviews in its weekly podcast, coaches, hosts, or consults is part of a larger community being knit together for mutual support. Ryan facilitates that process.

Recent podcast titles have included these:?
Morro Bay Community Resource Connections Sharon O’Leary
• What’s Cooking Fresno
• Introduction to The Angels of the Light Podcast


Doing a Podcast with Donor Network West

One of his business clients and partners is a friend of KRL and social entrepreneur, Tree of Life Café – In Touch Media Group -Tree of Life Café. We published two stores on that dynamic downtown force in January (Kings River Life (1/23) A Tree of Life Growing in Downtown Fresno Part I) and April (Kings River Life (04/09) A Tree of Life Growing in Downtown Fresno Part 2) of 2016. ??He even did a podcast with me for 4141 Ministries (In Touch Media Group (2018/03/15 )4141 Ministries/). Out of that, I was able to connect him with Laneesha Senegal (In Touch Media Group (2018/04/05) Laneesha Senegal) of Hope Builds and Vision View.

We are now podcasting in collaboration with In Touch Media Group at The Dream Factory.

Networking and connecting is at the heart of In Touch Media Group’s way of doing its mission.

I recently asked Ryan a series of questions:

What is your vision for what can be accomplished by and through ITMG? Where do you see it in a year or in 5 years?

ITMG is an online hub for podcasts. These podcasts are created from certain nonprofits and individuals in and around the Fresno area. All podcasts will align with the mission of ITMG, to help others wake up to their greatness and become their best self. ITMG will have 30-40 podcasts in a few years and is free for anyone to listen.

What sort of leaders and groups are you seeking to be part of the group?

Anyone or organization can be a part of ITMG. All we want is for them to care for others first. We also would like for these leaders to share freely what they’ve learn over their individual journeys. Podcasts are a great tool for this purpose. A free channel of information coming straight from the source to the world.

How do you see ITMG adding value to what community groups are doing?

ITMG will compliment all the efforts that these individual communities are already making. The only difference is that they are sharing with other groups under one roof. All the info is to be free. So, one person has a variety of leaders and organizations to search through.

Why podcasts? What do you see as the value of podcasting over some other forms of media?

Podcasting is the best form to distribute this information. Podcasting listening is free and is only a few clicks away from any internet ready device. Podcasting is by far cheaper than the old systems of radio and television broadcasting. Podcast shows are still available on the feeds long after they are first published. Wherever the internet is podcasting travels. Podcasting is listen when ready form of media. Typical car rides are the best time to listen to shows. Start and stop any show and listen when ready. The content never leaves.


With Lisa Casarez founder of Angels of Grace Foster Family Agency

How do you see the landscape of the Fresno area in terms of community benefit organizations and social enterprise? What have you observed? Are you optimistic for the future?

Fresno has a great landscape if forms of community benefit organizations. There are plenty of organizations ready to help anyone in need. Social enterprise is something new in the area. I call it a business with a conscience. I believe it will be the new form of small business. I am an optimist and believe good always wins. People given the right information will more than likely make proper decisions.

You say that ITMG is a community. How so?

ITMG is a community of leaders and organizations. We have an online presence that allows anyone with a voice and the right motives to join. Also, the free flow of truthful information is the key to the group. The content goes out to the discernment of the community.

How can people get involved with you?

ITMG is always looking for new contributors. We want people and organizations to share what they have learn to benefit the community. We specialize in podcasting but are willing to take on the skills of anyone who wants to be a part of ITMG. I always say that creation begins when a new thought and acted upon. In order to reach the ears of the community people have to share a piece of themselves. We are seeking all forms of support. If you are a visionary, we welcome your support especially.

Podcasting is a red-hot medium right now. Every day, thousands of people join the ranks of listeners. Multiple platforms and channels are available.

In Touch Media Group is making it possible for non-profits in Fresno to benefit from the trend and, in turn, benefit the entire community.

To view a recent interview on YouTube – Ryan Murry on Central Valley Today, on Channel 24.

Tune in to their site and podcast at In Touch Media Group or on Facebook – In Touch Media Group or Twitter – In Touch Media Group.

You can also contact Ryan directly:
Ryan Murry
Founder, In Touch Media Group

If you enjoy podcasts, watch for an announcement about KRL’s own mystery podcast starting very soon!

Tom Sims is a local pastor (and Grandpa!), writer, and blogger. His congregation, “The Fellowship of Joy,” is part of a larger collaborative called “4141 Ministries,” of which he is Executive Director & he is an active Toastmaster. You can also find him on Facebook.



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