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May 25, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Jayce Ham

by Jessica Ham

May was a very, very slow month for video games. All of the developers are gearing up for E3 in June, so the games just haven’t been coming out.

video gameOn May 14, A Plague Tale: Innocence was released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One by developers Asobo Studio. I played the game for myself this time, and I can definitely say that this one is a winner. While I am terrified of and pretty terrible at stealth games, the gameplay was still fun. The story follows Amicia and her little brother Hugo as they journey through unknown supernatural ailments and homicidal rats that plague the area. The story is emotional and terrifying, and the ending really packs a punch. Critics and players alike agree that this game is one you should pick up and play until the end.

gameOne May 16, the popular game Division 2 released a DLC called Operation Dark Hours Raid. The DLC is difficult and unfortunately contains a few glitches, but players are having fun with this new addition.

video gameDauntless, a free to play role playing game, released on May 21 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Monsters have been released into the world to attack humans, and it is your duty in your game to stop them. The game is either single player or multiplayer. The beta was released last year which grew the hype for the game. Critics are giving the game 4 out of 5 for its exciting but not too complicated gameplay.

On May 30, a new VR game Space Ops VR will be released. The game is a first person shooter team based multiplayer game. While I personally do not like VR because it makes me nauseous, I understand the appeal. VR fans are excited for the new addition to the VR gaming game

The gaming world is quiet lately, but next month will be E3 and the gaming will be abuzz.

Check out my review of A Plague Tale: Innocence here in KRL.

Jessica Ham is 26 years old and an ongoing contributor. With a love of all things nerdy, she’s right at home covering entertainment.


  1. Among all the other games, for me, division 2 is far better as I recently moved to it. But, I can’t stay longer on a single game so I would definitely move to other options and I’m thinking about trying other options that you provided.


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