The Edge of Dreams By Rhys Bowen

May 23, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Mysteryrat's Maze, Terrance V. Mc Arthur

by Terrance Mc Arthur

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Rhys Bowen is a master of mystery and she’s at it again! The recent Agatha winner (for Queen of Hearts in the Her Royal Spyness series) returns to her Molly Murphy series with a psychological thriller, The Edge of Dreams…or is it a thriller about psychology?

Molly Murphy Sullivan, an Irish immigrant in the 1890s-1900s, became a private investigator, married a police detective, had their child…and still keeps solving mysteries. This one is important to her, because a serial killer is taunting husband Daniel and seems to be targeting the family. After a terrifying crash of an elevated train, Molly is cared for by her mother-in-law, who frowns on the woman’s

Molly’s bohemian friends in Greenwich Village have returned from Europe, where Sid was studying with Sigmund Freud (and thought he was too quick to interpret all dreams as having to do with sex). Now, a woman of their circle wants answers to the dreams of a girl who is suspected of killing her parents and burning down the house. Molly is having dreams of her own, and wonders if they signify the conflicts of her life…or are portents of her future.

Bowen shines at integrating historical details into a story without making it sound like a schoolbook or a lecture. The reader travels around turn-of-the-century New York and experiences the sights, sounds and smells of it, immersed in the life of a growing city, bouncing along with Molly on various forms of transportation.

One of the things I appreciated about the use of the neighbors Sid and Gus, was how the women were aware of their limitations of their knowledge of psychology, were reticent to try and help the possible murderess and felt that only a professional should be meddling with a mind. In other hands, the quirky friends would be eagerly analyzing everyone around them, but Bowen is wise enough not to let that happen.

The Edge of Dreams is an intriguing jewel box of mystery, multifaceted and intricate, rewarding Molly’s fans with danger and wonder in Old New York. Go to the edge, take a look and enjoy the view.

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Terrance V. Mc Arthur is a Community Librarian for the WoW! (WithOut Walls) Division of the Fresno County Public Library, roaming the Valley to meet the public’s information needs.


  1. What a great series this is. Thanks for the review. Loved it.

  2. Thanks for enlightening us about this Rhys Bowen book. She would be a new-to-me author. Great review. I’d love the opportunity to win a copy and become familiar with Ms. Bowen’s books.

  3. Great review! I think this is definitely something I would like to read.

  4. Every book in this series is a gem. I appreciate the good review.

  5. I love Rhys Bowen–even though I have no idea how to correctly pronounce her first name. Both the Royal Spyness and Molly Murphy series are great. Thanks for the review and the opportunity to win one of her books.

  6. I read this series for awhile and then dropped it. Would love to catch up with Molly again. thanks for the chance.

  7. I’ve read at least 6 int his series and really enjoyed them all! Would love to try this one!

  8. My hand’s up. Wanna win. Fingers and toes crossed.

  9. Thanks for entering!
    We have a winner,
    Lorie Ham, KRL Publisher

  10. We have a winner
    Lorie Ham, KRL Publisher


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