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May 22, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Community, Kathy Eide Casas

by Kathy Eide Casas

What’s in a name? Is it the meaning? Is it how it makes you feel when you hear the word? Is it the sound of the syllables? The way it feels when you read it and say it?

As Anzula owner, Kalliope Famellos explained, it is all of the above.

A lover of words and language, Kalliope devoted considerable time and energy to formulating the Anzula name nearly two decades ago. She first created the word Anzula, as a companion to the word Azul, meaning “blue” in Spanish. Since that time, Kalliope has taken the name, Anzula, and transformed it into a thriving business.

What makes Anzula so special?

In a word: Everything!

The Anzula Team hand-dyes yarn and fibers made from the most luxurious fibers in the world: cashmere, camel, tussah silk, linen, merino, targhee, tencel, alpaca, yak, and milk protein. Each of these yarn bases are available in their unique color palettes, created especially for Anzula.

The Anzula Team

Background: Anzula emerges

Let’s turn back time to 2002. Kalliope was involved in her hobby of successfully selling her handmade crocheted accessories at Bay Area craft fairs and farmers markets. Her love of all things yarn had already begun to bloom. For her 21st birthday, she learned to spin yarn, and from there, the rest, as they say, is history. Spinning yarn led her to learning how to dye yarn. Spinning fiber into hand-spun yarn became her art form.

When she first returned to Fresno in the mid-2000’s, Kalliope’s business model was to sell her yarn to local yarn shops.

But in 2008, when the economic downturn hit, she lost her full-time job. Using that loss as the opportunity to see if she could make Anzula into a full-time business, the answer has turned out to be a resounding: Yes. Kalliope continues to successfully navigate the business, even as new challenges arise.

Fast forward to 2020 when the pandemic hit and COVID-19 shut down many local shops. Kalliope shifted. She made the decision to start selling her yarns directly to consumers online. From there, the Anzula team took a portion of their custom warehouse and made it into a retail space.

Though the majority of the Anzula’s team’s time is spent spinning and dyeing specialty colors of their fabulous luxury yarns, the store is open by appointment.

This isn’t just regular yarn, where you run in and grab two skeins of red from a wall of yarn; these are soft, cloud-like luxurious hand-spun yarn, with unique color palettes. The textures and colors are like no other. Each skein of Anzula is hand-dyed locally at their warehouse in Fresno. Before shipping, skeins are labeled by hand and checked one more time to make sure you get a perfect skein every time.

A valued neighbor in the Tower District community, the Anzula warehouse is spotted easily by its vibrant colors.
Please visit the Anzula website to learn all about this infamous locally owned business and to read what’s happening at:

Find Anzula on their social media channels at: Anzula
1001 N Blackstone Ave, #101
Fresno, CA 93701
(559) 457-9957
Anzula is open to the public by appointment only. Please email them at the email above to make an appointment.

Kathy Eide Casas is a valley native and has been involved in politics, public policy and public relations her entire career. From the U. S. and state capitols to local projects, she has been a guiding force. Most recently, Eide-Casas completed the writing for two U Turns Allowed magazines, benefiting Focus Forward. Additionally, her work has run in several other local publications, including Valley Health Magazine.


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