Fresno Bully Rescue Plans for a New Site

May 21, 2016 | 2016 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Fresno Bully Rescue is working toward moving to a new location so we took some time to chat with their director Bridgette Boothe about the move. logo

KRL: First, for those who don’t know about you, tell us briefly about your rescue group and the types of dogs you rescue.

FBR: Fresno Bully Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill organization dedicated to rescuing bully breed dogs. We are a volunteer-run organization, and we serve the entire state of California. We are the only rescue of its kind in the entire state. We receive over 400 requests per week from people and city/county shelters asking us to take in dogs.

KRL: I understand that you are working towards building a new shelter at a new location–what inspired this move?

Fresno Bully

Land where the new shelter will be built

FBR: We do not own the location that we are currently at. To have a place that FBR owns and will be there for the dogs is our ultimate goal.

KRL: When did you first decide this move was needed?

FBR: This has been our plan from our inception in 2008. We have been working all of these years to save and raise funds to make this move possible. We are still working to fundraise for the new facility and are always looking for any building services that are willing to pitch in to help!

KRL: Exactly where will you be moving?

FBR: Our newly purchased property is located near 180 & McCall on just about three acres.

KRL: What kind of changes will there be from where you are now? What improvements?

FBR: We are not looking to house any more dogs than we currently do, but we are looking for better quality and better facilities. More play yards, dedicated medical room, a more spacious place for our dogs to live while they await their forever homes. We also look forward to creating an inviting place for our volunteers and supporters to enjoy.

KRL: I have heard that some people near where you plan to move are concerned about the fact that you rescue Pit Bulls. Have you been able to convince them that there is no reason for concern?

FBR: Education is always key. This breed constantly faces discrimination and judgement. People are always afraid of what they do not understand. We offer people the opportunity to educate themselves about our organization and exactly what it is that we do. We have an excellent track record with the County and we provide an invaluable service to our community. Every dog that comes through our doors is temperament tested and fully vetted: fixed, vaccinated, microchipped, and usually even given basic obedience training. We provide volunteer opportunities for students and corporate businesses. We provide spay and neuter assistance to those that cannot afford it. A Pit Bull type dog is not for everyone just as a poodle isn’t for everyone, but we encourage people to educate before passing judgement.


Chaz, a Fresno Bully Rescue

KRL: What would you say to people who have the misconception that Pit Bulls are mean dogs?

FBR: It’s all about the human behind the dog, no matter the breed. A bully breed dog has certain characteristics which lend itself to be a breed of choice for many “bad” owners. People use these dogs for terrible things such as dog fighting and security. This breed is the most abused and neglected that I’ve ever seen. Bully breed dogs are family oriented by nature. They are loyal, strong, and resilient. We have rescued dogs out of horrible situations and once removed from that environment, they go on to live normal, loved lives. Socialization is key for this breed. For any large and strong dog you must have respect for the animal you are caring for. You have to provide them with proper training, attention, socialization, vet care…the list goes on. If you cannot provide this, then pet ownership, especially of a powerful breed, is not for you.

KRL: What are some of the things you do to help educate people about the truth?

FBR: We often visit schools to teach breed education, bite prevention, and proper pet care. We try to constantly be involved in community events. Giving someone a positive experience with a Pit Bull can change their mind instantly.

KRL: How are things coming along with the move?

FBR: Now that the land has been purchased, we are so excited to move forward. We are working to raise funds to start building and constructing.

KRL: When do you think it may happen?

FBR: We are hoping that we will be able to start transiting to our new location within the next year.

KRL: What kind of help do you still need to make this a reality?

FBR: We need help from our supporters in the community! Everything from fencing to electrical to landscaping is needed to help make the new shelter come to life. If people want to donate funds directly to the building of our new facility, we have a link right on our website to make it easy to find.

KRL: Are you doing any fundraisers?

FBR: We hold several fundraisers each month, our events calendar can be found on our website.

Fresno Bully Rescue
Current Shelter Address:
8547 W. Herndon Avenue
Fresno, CA 93723
(559) 276-7611

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