5 Must-Have Attractions That’ll Make Your Small-Sized Wedding A Memorable One

May 21, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Community

by staff

Weddings are an essential part of life for many; it is a great deal, and hence, they go through a lot of trouble to plan and put together a perfect wedding ceremony they could always look back on. However, with the world turned upside down, people are constantly looking for ways to celebrate their special day only with a few loved ones; small-sized weddings are the new trend. We’re elated to see people worldwide looking for responsible ways to keep celebrations in their lives going, especially something as important as a wedding; however, we are also aware of how new many are to this concept. Hence, we bring you five must-have services in your small-sized wedding.

1. DJ or Live Band Always Steals The Show
Good music can make or break the event, be it the ceremony or the after-party, so make sure never to skip or try to cut costs on good music.
Your choice of music depends on your tastes and your guests’. Some might prefer a jazz wedding band, whereas some might lean towards hiring a DJ. All choices have their pros and cons. Hence, one must make sure to consider everything before making a choice.
A live band would play the songs on request and interact with the crowd to get them grooving; many live bands also cover songs on request. There is something about the energy a live band creates which can make your wedding into a concert. These bands also make announcements for you in between songs and help guide the guests at the ceremony venue, proving to be an added advantage for you.

2. A Keynote Speaker For Some Added Warmth
Almost always, the bride and groom are too tired after the preparations, interactions with the guests, and the ceremony itself. They don’t need another task added onto their plate of handling the event during the night. Additionally, during these testing times, planning and putting together a wedding requires a lot of care and foresight. Hence, at times like these, it is ideal to hire a keynote speaker or emcee to carry forward the night to make sure everything goes on smoothly.

3. Photographer to Capture Memories Forever

While the ceremony is a magical moment (and so is the party that follows), only the pictures remain for when you wish to look back on the memorable event. Hire a photographer or a videographer to document your special event for you to cherish forever. Since it is a small-sized wedding, the photographer might be able to capture everyone, allowing you to give everyone a personalized gift as a farewell. They can also be booked for specific time slots during the night, giving you and your guests room to be comfortable without the camera on them.

4. Exciting Games to Involve Everyone
Games are a great choice if you wish to break the ice between the guests. And if your ceremony is facing some delay, these games could be an excellent filler for bored guests. You can be as authentic, innovative, or old school with the games to suit young and older adults’ tastes at the event. Have a mix of outdoor and indoor spaces, if possible, and develop a list of games beforehand. You could also let the guests pitch in ideas.

5. Last, but NOT the least; THE Food
What’s a gala occasion without great, mouth-watering food. Food, without a doubt, is an essential part of any successful event. Make sure to hire a great food service to cater to the requirements of your whole guest list. You could skip the entire buffet altogether and have a spread of lip-smacking appetizers or could go for a feast. The choice remains entirely yours!

Planning a wedding can be difficult, especially during these times. It is essential and ideal for you to share this special memory with your loved ones and be safe while doing so.

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