5 Things to Avoid When Writing a Travel Essay

May 14, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Travel

by staff

Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences in life as it takes you to see new places, meet new people, and explore a new culture. It is an eye-opening experience, and it is understandable that you might want to share your experiences through a travel essay. Many travelers leverage the internet to share every detail of their trips across the globe. While some do this for fun, it also possible to make money from travel essays by sharing them on online platforms such as Myessaygeek.com. Whatever the motivation behind your writing, it is important to appreciate that your paper will be visible to millions of internet users. With this in mind, you have to get it right, and there are some things you have to avoid. travel

This article highlights some of the things to avoid in your travel essay to make sure it achieves your objective without alienating the readers. Keep reading.

1. Don’t sound like a traveling Book
It is true traveling comes with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm, and you want to share everything about the destination. However, you have to take precautions about your writing lest you sound like the travel book tourists buy from local stores. Your essay should vividly show the destination through your actions instead of telling about it. Don’t talk about the great sights and attractions but instead, show the reader how to explore them and get the best out of their trip.

2. Avoid Stereotypes and Remain Open-Minded
Many travel bloggers have fallen foul of their readers when they fall into the trap of stereotypes and prejudice. It is easy to find yourself in the same pitfall if you don’t approach any new destination with an open mind. Forget what you have heard and instead explore this new place like a local.

Don’t bring your sophistication or worldview into your review of a destination but instead nurture a more multidimensional awareness. You will always capture the real story if you open your eyes and see the real picture without any bias.

3. Never give wrong information
If you want to excel in travel writing, you have to get your facts right. Always take time to do thorough research and verify everything that goes into your story. Take time to confirm the spelling of names and places and if you have any doubts about a story or other details, confirm from credible sources at your destination.


Always endeavor to provide the right information in your travel essay

4. Avoid Generalization
Just because Los Cabos, Mexico features in the Wikipedia list of cities with the highest murder rates in the world doesn’t make the entire country insecure. Don’t generalize your findings of one destination to form conclusions because such deductions could be wrong. Populous countries such as China and India have very diverse economic, social, and religious setups and you should never visit one region and make generalizations about the country.

5. Learn about Religious and Political Nuances

As a travel writer, you should do prior research about the places you want to visit, to understand their religious beliefs and political nuances among other things. For instance, visiting Saudi Arabia as a woman writer might turn out to be a tough call, but you should not act surprised in your travel essay because this situation has existed for a long time.

A good travel writer remains open-minded and shares the right information without bias. Your travel essay should help readers visualize everything about a particular destination without having to sift through too much subjective opinion.

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