The Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Review

May 13, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, Jesus Ibarra, Movies

by Jesus Ibarra

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron picks up a couple years after the original film building on the development of the Phase 2 Marvel movies. When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner jumpstart a peace keeping Artificial Intelligence, Ultron (James Spader), things go terribly wrong and Ultron decides that the only way to keep the peace is through the mass killing of the human population. The Avengers must fight with everything they have to stop him, even adding new recruits to the team along the way.

This film overall was everything any comic book fan would want and more. It was fun, hectic, splash pages came to life, kick ass yeah moments, and great character work. And that post credit scene was to die for. From the running gags to the physical comedy this movie, while grim at times, never fails to make you smile. Hands down my favorite moments that brought a goofy grin to my face where the moments where director Joss Whedon shot scenes that looked like they came straight from the comic books. I’m talking splash pages that require two pages, that’s there and it is

Everyone involved brought their A game, but I have to praise James Spader, Paul Bettany, and Scarlet Johansson for killing it in their roles. James Spader brings a certain menace to Ultron that I don’t think anyone could have done better. I also have to praise the crew for capturing Spader’s physicality as he waxes poetically about the nature of life and death and for the great quips Ultron delivers.

Paul Betanny, who has voiced JARVIS throughout the Iron Man films, also kills it. He plays the android Vision who has a critical role in the film, and he captures the Vision’s ability to be awestruck yet show incredible wisdom. Finally, Scarlett Johansson, if the Hulk stole the Avengers then Black Widow stole Age of Ultron. She not only rocked her action scenes she killed the great character development given to Black Widow here, and while we learn more about her tragic past we also learned that it isn’t what defines her.

Any of the films failings can almost all be attributed to editing. While not terribly edited it does leave you feeling like there were some scenes missing. And that’s because there was. Joss Whedon’s original cut of the film was a little over three hours long. This also probably contributed to some action scenes being a little too hectic with too much going on and not having a point of reference. Frankly, I would have gladly given my money to see a three hour Avengers movie because it the freaking Avengers. In a world where Lord of the Rings can be that long I don’t see why Avengers couldn’t be that long too.

While this film will never capture the excitement and awe of seeing all these characters get together in the first Avengers there is no denying that this film continues to build on what Marvel has made with their mega-franchise. Much like in the fictional Marvel Cinematic Universe, we live in a post Avengers world. Where every movie studio, with comic book properties or not, is trying to build a similar mega franchise of interconnected films that will make them all the money. But in my opinion, none will ever come close to nailing it like Marvel has done. And Age of Ultron, while not the best film made, is an exciting cinematic achievement that while being massively entertaining plants seeds for the next Marvel movies to come.

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