How to Properly Keep a House Clean with Pets?

May 13, 2024 | 2024 Articles, Pets

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It’s hard to argue with the fact that pets fill the home with life. They are fed, cared for, but most of all, they are loved. As a rule, four-legged friends reciprocate. So, it comes as no surprise that owners willingly turn a blind eye to the additional costs of time and effort appearing on cleaning. The thing is that pets can create plenty of dirt that spreads throughout the house. With the help of Potty Buddy – Pet Products Designed to Keep Your Home Clean, you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your dwelling.

Toilet Care for Pets
To maintain cleanliness in the house, it is very important that your pet’s toilet does not turn into an unsightly latrine. Follow a number of simple recommendations, and the sanitary and hygienic standards of your home will not suffer.

1. Cats are known to be very careful in burying their litter after themselves. Depending on the temperament and thoroughness of the pet, the granulate used as a filler often ends up far beyond the tray. Small granules can be collected quickly and effortlessly using a cordless electric broom or cordless vacuum cleaner. This is recommended because if someone accidentally steps on the granules, scratches may appear on the floor covering.
2. Choose a Cat Litter with a Far Inward Rim if you want to prevent too much litter from being thrown around the room. This is quite effective in preventing filler from being thrown around.
3. Make use of Reusable Pee Pad. Multi-layer absorption design can quickly absorb and block pet urine, keep the urine surface dry and reduce odor. It’s essential to note that one premium waterproof reusable diapers can replace approximately 300 disposable diapers, saving you a significant amount of money. The bottom layer is made of anti-penetration material, which can effectively prevent urine from entering the ground and protect floors and furniture.
4. Buy a Mat for Your Pet’s Toilet. In pet stores,you can find a lot of special mats for the cat’s litter box, on which all the dirt will collect. It’s incredibly convenient. Just think about the fact that you won’t have to mop and sweep the floors several times every day. This really saves time and nerves. All you have to do is shake and rinse the mat if necessary. The pet will leave all the particles of the tray from its paws on the rug and will not drag them around the apartment, polluting the floors and leaving unpleasant toilet odors.
5. Use an Enclosed Litter Box. If you have free space and opportunity, then give your preference to a closed tray. Here,your furry friend can go to the toilet in peace. At the same time, odors and debris will remain inside it. Nevertheless, you will have to change the filler no less often than in a regular tray.

The Fight Against Pet Hair
No matter how great our love for pets is, it does not negate the troubles associated with keeping them. For instance, pet hair must be one of the most difficult thing to remove from clothing and household. Animals have a lot of hair and it falls out regularly, just like human hair. This is an absolutely normal and natural process. So, follow these tips to make your life easier.

Clean Your Room Often
The need for regular wet cleaning is obvious. Without a doubt, wool not only spoils the appearance of the apartment but can also cause allergies. Accordingly, wipe the floor as often as possible, paying special attention to the corners and crevices where hair usually accumulates. There is a great life hack for quickly getting rid of unwanted animal fur. Just wet the sheet and cover the item with it, then beat it thoroughly. Not only wool, but also dust will quickly stick to the sheet.

Use Pet Grooming Service
Brush your pets regularly. Do this both during shedding season and on normal days. In fact, cat grooming is carried out with a slicker brush or a special comb called a furminator. Due to their shape and structure, the frequent flattened teeth of the device delicately remove all dead hairs without damaging living ones.

Purchase Waterproof Blanket
It’s not just a pretty accessory, it’s a multi-functional pet blanket. To put it in a nutshell, this blanket is more than just a warm and cozy place for your pets to rest since it also protects your furniture from gnawing, scratching and shedding. Moreover, a special waterproof blanket assists you in keeping your pet comfortable by saving your sofas and couches free of unwanted pet hair.

Use Antistatic when Cleaning
Whenever possible, treat furniture, clothing and carpets in your home with antistatic agents. Animal fur charged with static electricity will not settle on them in large quantities. In addition, wipe floors, appliances and other hard surfaces with a cloth soaked in mild fabric softener or polish. Make sure that the products presented will neutralize the electrical charge and prevent the fur from sticking to them again.

Fighting Dirt after Pet Walking
Washing a dog’s paws after each return home from a walk constitutes a daily and obligatory ritual for the animal and its owner. The thing is that hygiene plays a huge role in the health of the pet and other inhabitants of the home. Let’s look at why you need to regularly wash your pet’s paws:

1. during the warm season, ticks can hide in the interdigital space of the paws(they can often be found while washing paws);
2. microscopic enemies in the form of infectious agents or helminth eggs can enter the house on dog paws (you can easily become infected with a dangerous disease);
3. in cold weather, icy streets are strewn with chemicals that corrode the skin of dogs’ toes (an animal can easily be poisoned by harmful chemicals when it licks its own paws that the owner has not washed);
4. if you don’t wash your dog’s paws after visiting the street, the floors, carpets and furniture will be constantly dirty (this problem is especially acute in slushy weather).

It goes without saying that any owner should know how to wash a dog’s paws after a walk as simply and quickly as possible. Actually, there is nothing particularly complicated here. Let’s consider the easiest ways to clean paws:

1. To wash your paws, use antibacterial foam, gel soap or shampoo. This way,you will cleanse the pads of parasites and speed up the healing of wounds on the skin.
2. Paw Cleaner Implies one of the most popular gadgets on the market in 2024. This is an innovative device that makes life easier for both the pet and its owners.
3. If after a walk it is not possible to thoroughly wash your four-legged friend’s paws with water and shampoo, wet wipes for animals can come to the rescue. Moreover, you can also use cleansing baby wipes.
4. At the same time, you also need to take reasonable care of your pet. So, if the dog walksin the snow in the owner’s yard, you can refuse to wash its paws. Nevertheless, dense snow or ice lumps that have formed on the fur between the toes must be removed with a cloth soaked in warm water. After this procedure, the dog’s paws need to be wiped dry.
5. Wash the front paws first, then the back paws. To gently clean the space between your fingers, use a soft sponge.

Key Takeaways
Responsibility is one of the main points that should be considered when bringing a living creature into your home. After all, this is not a toy or a means of relaxation. Pets also have a number of feelings and needs. This responsibility is keeping cats and other pets healthy, providing quality food, shelter as well as enough exercise and attention. Together with the Potty Buddy – pet accessories to keep your home clean and tour pet happy, you can do this smarter and more fun.

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