5 Items You Didn’t Think About Including on Your Baby Registry

May 13, 2024 | 2024 Articles, Community

by staff

Did you know that baby showers are one of the top-celebrated events? If you’re creating a baby registry, it’s important to think about a variety of things. These include items that can improve your comfort and convenience as well as those that will improve your baby’s safety. While some items in this case are quite obvious and will be among the first ones that you get, others are easy to forget, but they’re still useful. Here are five of the items that you may not have included in your baby registry that you can reconsider.

1. Swaddle
A swaddle is one of the things that you need to add to your baby registry since it plays an important role despite being small and easy to ignore. Studies have shown that swaddling your baby can help calm babies down when done the right way. It can also help manage overstimulation in babies, improve colic, eliminate anxiety, and also help with temperature regulation in small babies. These are all important benefits that can assure you of keeping your baby healthy and happy as they grow.

2. Diaper Pail
You may not think about buying a diaper pail, but you can be sure that you’ll be glad you did once you bring your baby home. That’s because it will provide an easy, clean, and efficient way to dispose of used diapers. As a result, you can keep the house clean and smelling great.

3. Babyproofing Products
Whether you’re bringing your baby home from the hospital via surrogacy or from natural birthing methods, it’s crucial to babyproof your home ahead of time. Adding babyproofing products to your baby registry will improve their safety and give you more peace of mind as they grow. Falling and bumping their heads may be an unavoidable event, but it’s one whose occurrences you can minimize by installing babyproofing devices. This can help your child develop in the best way and with minimal issues. Keep in mind that your baby’s brain and body grow quite fast between the ages of three and 12 months. Keeping them safe and sound at this time can help improve their development even more.

4. Mittens
Mittens are another small item that you may not remember or even see the need for, but this is not the case at all. That’s because they can help keep your baby’s tiny hands warm when it’s cold. They can also lower the chances of your baby scratching themselves while they’re still too young to have proper control of their reflexes.

5. Nail Clippers
The final item that you may not remember to add to your baby registry is a good set of baby nail clippers. You would be surprised how fast a baby’s nails grow, which means that you need to have nail clippers ready from the moment you bring them home. Look for quality nail clippers that aren’t likely to accidentally cut your baby’s delicate skin, and you’ll have an easy time keeping their nails a manageable length.

Check your baby registry to make sure that it includes each one of these items. In this case, you can be assured of having a much easier time raising your baby and bonding with them. You won’t have to make last-minute dashes to the shop to find something that you need during the first days of your baby’s life.

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