Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return: Movie Review

May 12, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Movies, Sheryl Wall

by Sheryl Wall

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Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return begins with Dorothy waking up in her Kansas home after the tornado. She finds that all of the town is packing up to move and even her family are thinking of moving instead of rebuilding because the Tornado left little undamaged. Meanwhile in Oz, the Lion, Scarecrow and the Tin Man call for Dorothy to return to again save OZ but this time from the Jester who also happens to be the Wicked Witch’s brother. Even though it’s only been a day since her last visit to Oz, it has been years for her friends in OZ. They transport her back on a rainbow, however before she gets there they are captured by the Jester’s flying monkeys and taken to his castle. The Jester has even captured Glinda and taken her wand, turning her and many others into his puppets. movie

As soon as Dorothy and Toto arrive, they begin their search for the Tin Man, Lion, and the Scarecrow. But once they arrive at Emerald City she discovers they have been taken and her and her new friends that she makes along the way, head to the Jester’s Castle to save OZ. Along the way Dorothy is joined by an owl named Wiser, Marshal Mellow, Tugg the tugboat and China Princess and they have many adventures on the way.

I like how the Dorothy’s Return continues the story of the original Wizard of OZ movie that we have grown up with. The Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow are actually not in this movie very much but it focuses on the new characters that Dorothy meets on her adventures. One of my favorite scenes was when they were in need of a boat and all the trees refused to help except this old tree Tugg who was near the end of his days. He wanted to help and be able to be part of a new adventure. All the animals and trees begin to participate in creating Tugg the Tugboat. There are some cute songs throughout the movie though not enough to consider it a musical, but they do add some fun to the storyline. After watching Legends of OZ it makes me want to go out and buy the OZ books so as I can learn the whole story.

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