Dancing With The Stars: Competition Round 8

May 12, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Books & Tales, Heather Parish

by Heather Parish

Dancing With the Stars Week 8 Recap

We are down to five couples in Season 12 Week 8 of Dancing With The Stars and this week saw our couples do two dances. One rehearsed and then an Instant Dance where they learn the music and then go and rehearse while the other couples are dancing. That’s a lot of pressure, but at this stage in the game they must be pretty used to it.

Image © ABC

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas are at the top of the leader board with 55/60

Who were your favorite dancers/dances tonight? Who do you think is going home tomorrow night?

Chelsea Kane and pro Mark Ballas – Waltz – I have to say this was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking– although Mark is obviously stretching his choreographer wings this season. The movements seemed so effortless, however, and Chelsea proved herself to be an incredible dancer. “Too much emphasis on the story,” pronounces judge Len Goodman. But judges Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba sling around words like “precious jewel” and “perfection” and hand her two 10’s, to Len’s 9. 29/30. Instant dance – Salsa – The music started a little too soon but they seemed to adjust quite quickly. At times their footwork was a bit off but all things considered they did exceptional. 26/30. Grand total of 55/60.

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson – Fox Trot – This one was a little bit cheesy as Hines said, but I enjoy Kym and I would love to see her win this season. Hines has become a fine dancer, but as always his best dance step is his smile. He trots off with a high score, due to the Sports Guy Handicap given to make ballroom dancing seem acceptable to regular joes. 28/30. Instant dance – Jive – Hines looked to be having difficulty during rehearsals for the Jive this week but you wouldn’t know it during the live performance of their instant dance. He did amazingly well. 26/30. Grand total 54/60.

Image © ABC

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower – Tango – Chelsea looked sexy in red pleather and black boots, but it didn’t translate to sexiness in the dance. Romeo works so hard that he huffs and puffs his way through the dance. He’s given a healthy 27 points, though. 27/30. Instant dance – Salsa – It was sexy, fast-paced and amazing but I think Chelsea led this dance. And Len loved it! That’s something, isn’t it? I love that Romeo plugs his movie premiere. 8/9/8 – 25/30. Grand total 52/60.

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff – Viennese Waltz – Playing with an injury, the pressure was ON for Ralph and Karina. He looked to be in major pain during their Saturday rehearsals. They hit the stage and Ralph’s dance is pretty dramatic, though we think the guyliner – and Karina’s super-sheer knickers-revealing dress — get a lot of the credit. 25/30. Instant dance – Cha Cha – Ralph didn’t have a lot of hip action going but I think given he had very little prep time and an injury he’s to be commended. He’s an amazing guy I really hope he doesn’t leave tomorrow night. 21/30. Grand total 46/60.

Image © ABC

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Argentine Tango –Kirstie delivered her strongest performance since week one with this dance, which included an impressive lift from partner Maks. 9/9/10 – 28/30. Instant dance – Salsa – It looked like they had a tough week in rehearsals. I liked their Argentine Tango better to be honest. Kirstie looked a little lost on the dance floor in parts but in other parts she just shines through. I agree with Judge Carrie Ann: there is interesting tension between these two that’s fun but not sexual. 25/30. Grand total 53/60.

At the end of tonight’s competition, Ralph Macchio is at the bottom of the leaderboard, which makes him vulnerable. But I think it is Romeo’s appointed hour of departure. He’s not grown as significantly as other contestants and had none of the challenges to overcome.

Tuesday’s Results Show:

And, at the end of Tuesday evening, Romeo was voted off the show. Apparently the 12-21 demographic split their votes between Romeo and Chelsea Kane making it hard for Romeo to hold on. Chelsea now competes with old-timers Hines Ward (35), Ralph Macchio (49), and Kirstie Alley (60) in the semi-finals. Kirstie Alley is the oldest person to reach the semi-finals so far on Dancing with the Stars.

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