3 Top Choices for Your 2021 Summer Wedding Color Palette

May 11, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Community

by staff

If you’re planning a summer wedding, one of the first things that may pop into your head is your color palette. When you think about it, deciding on the color scheme, along with your venue, sets the tone for the entire joyous event. Indeed, the colors you choose will tell your friends and family something about the atmosphere you want to create for yourself and your future spouse, as well as your guests.

Trying to come up with the right colors for your big day? Many couples design their wedding websites to tease color ideas that come to mind. When you have an easily accessible website brimming with your wedding ideas, it’s easier to share it with friends and family to see what they think. Plus, when you create your own wedding website, you might actually find inspiration on its pages with its array of preferred and recommended color combinations.

Here are three popular wedding color palette trends and top choices for summer 2021 to help you start your search.

1. Light Blue
While delightful and whimsical on its own, light blue is simple and delicate, allowing for a variety of complementary colors alongside it. In fact, light blue remains a staple in many couples’ palettes, as it’s one of the all-time classics that always remain in vogue — and it’s definitely popular for the 2021 wedding season. Some popular light blue shades include cornflower, powder blue, and periwinkle. To tie it in with your bridesmaids’ dresses of French blue, you might carry a bouquet of blue cornflower interspersed with white cosmos flowers.

2. All the Greens

Regardless of the shade, if green is your favorite color, 2021 is your and green’s time to shine. Hues you might discuss with your partner and other wedding planning party members include emerald, sage, mint, olive, and grayed jade. As you might imagine, these colors offer a range of wedding looks playing into a regal, rustic, lighthearted, earthy, or sophisticated theme. Moreover, these hues can serve as the primary palette or as an accent or leitmotif amid a sea of white. For example, your green bouquet will pop against your white dress and additional green flowers can be added to the frosting of a white wedding cake. Even your menu will align with your color scheme, down to your salad greens, green apple slices, and pesto sauce.

3. All-Things Pink
A blushing bride is a sight to behold, so why not add to the classic vision of a pink-tinged cheek for your big day? You can let your blush pink stand on its own, or you can add in bold hues like a rustic burgundy or another soft shade like the previously mentioned cornflower blue. With either selection or one you come up with on your own, there isn’t much you can’t do when you choose a pale or blush pink as your foundation shade.

Let Your Wedding Color Palette Take Center Stage and Work Behind the Scenes
It’s okay to let the color palette you choose do some heavy lifting on your big day. After all, color plays a powerful role in expressing or creating the mood you want for your big day. Get early feedback from family and friends — especially your wedding party — about the colors they think would honor your love best through the design of your wedding website. Ultimately, the wedding color palette it’s up to you and your partner, and it is a fun decision to work through!

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