Q & A With Maite Uzal From Fiddler On the Roof Coming to Fresno

May 10, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham, Theatre

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Fresno Lexus Broadway in Fresno is presenting Fiddler on the Roof at the Saroyan on May 16 and 17. Recently, KRL had the opportunity to interview cast member Maite Uzal, who plays Golde, about the show! Maite is from Madrid, Spain.

KRL: When did you first become interested in acting?

Maite: I’ve always wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember: I never had a moment of revelation or realization. When I was a toddler, my parents took me on a cruise with them and I won the passenger’s talent night competition because I crawled onto the stage and pulled at Jerry Lewis’ (who was hosting the show) pants until he gave me the mic and I started waddling about and singing (in an unintelligible language). People thought that was very funny and they gave me the award that they had for the competition.

Maite Uzal

KRL: What a fun story! What was the first role that you ever played?

Maite: Professionally, the Queen in Cymbeline. As an amateur, Rafiki in Lion King.

KRL: What are some of the other roles you have played professionally?

Maite: Daniela, Abuela Claudia and Camila in In the Heights, Linda Loman in Death of a Salesman, Fantine in Les Misérables. I’ve played other roles on film, but people wouldn’t know them.

KRL: Why did you want to play this role?

Maite: Hahaha to work! Aside of that, I grew up listening to Fiddler on the Roof at home and therefore the show is very dear to me. I think it really doesn’t get better than Fiddler, and the fact that it still makes audiences roar since 1964 proves that. It has an impeccable book and score, and the story is packed with lessons in love and kindness, “laden with happiness and tears”. It also seemed like a dream to work with the Broadway artistic team under the direction of Bartlett Sher…a dream that came true.

KRL: Were you a fan of the show before auditioning?

Maite: Yes, I was. Like I said, I grew up listening to Fiddler on the Roof: my dad and I would do the musical in out living room many weekends. Additionally, I was already a fan of this specific production because I had seen it on Broadway, and it blew me away.

KRL: What do you like best about playing this role?

Maite: That it allows an actress to portray a vast range of emotions and that it has allowed be to explore motherhood in depth and therefore strengthen the relationship that I have with my own mother.

KRL: What has been the biggest challenge to play this role?

Maite: It has been quite challenging to dive into what the reality of a person who cannot read and write would be like every second because it’s an “unlearning” experience for a person who does know how to read or write. Also, performing this role on the road for four seasons is in itself physically and mentally challenging.

KRL: What have you done to prepare for this role?

Maite: In depth research about life in a 1905 shtetl and take the direction of the creative team to the best of my abilities.

KRL: What do you like best about this show?

Maite: Hm, I like so many things so much it’s very hard to pick a favorite. Every moment in the show is so precious and carefully crafted both by its creators and by the creatives of this production that it’s simply a delight to step into the shoes of Golde every night. And to that, you have to add that you get to do that while traveling and seeing so many stunning cities and venues. I guess that knowing that I’m a small part of a story that entertains hundreds of people every night with a narrative that is universal and so relatable no matter what your background or vital moment is…I would say that’s a favorite for me.

KRL: What is a typical day for you while in this touring show?

Maite:It very much depends on the travel schedule, on whether we’re doing week sits or split weeks or one-nighters but I would say that every day no matter what I (at least aim to) talk to my mum, work out, drink a lot of water, and follow my skincare routine haha. I’m always on the lookout for yoga studios, especially hot yoga studios, but depending on where we are those are not always available. I also warm up before the show no matter where we are and check my props, especially at the top of the show.

KRL: Anything else you would like to share?

Maite: Just my gratitude for being employed doing what I love and specifically sharing this heart-warming story across North America by the hand of such an incredible team.

Tickets are available at BroadwayinFresno.com, in person at the Fresno Entertainment and Convention Center Box Office, or by calling 800.745.3000.

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