In Memory of Shane: A Blind Dachshund Mix With A Heart of Gold

May 10, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Pets, Sheryl Wall

by Sheryl Wall

One evening my parents came home and called me to come outside to show me something, they were very excited. They had brought home a Dachshund mix puppy. I loved her from that first moment. I remember the first night she was scared and hovered in a corner outside, but it didn’t take long before we became the best of friends.


Shane and Sheryl

Shane and I had a great 18 years together. She loved going on walks, and whenever someone would whistle she would always lick my leg. Another favorite for us to do together was bike riding and even with her little legs she could go fast. Shane and my other dog Dusty, a Shepherd mix, moved in when my brother and I moved to our own place together all the way across the street from our parents. She made friends with our black cat, Watson, and they would sleep together at night sometimes. I don’t think Shane had any enemies, only friends.

When she was only five-years-old she went blind because of Glaucoma. The vet said we may have to put her to sleep because some dogs can’t adjust. I was heartbroken, but it didn’t take long to realize that Shane would be just fine even though she’d lost her sight. She was a tough little dog, stubborn too, and lack of sight didn’t stop her at all. She still enjoyed bike rides and walks.

Another tough moment in her life was when a neighbor dog dug into our yard and attacked her; she wouldn’t have made it through the night if we didn’t get her to an Emergency vet for immediate surgery. I was so scared but she pulled through.



Shane was with me for all four houses that I lived in throughout the years and adjusted surprisingly well for each move despite her blindness. She had sharp hearing and did well with change. She claimed our love seat, however, as her own and would jump up there with no help. I started referring to it as Shane’s couch. She loved going places in the car and had no struggles maneuvering around new places.

Despite the typical Dachshund temperament being known for not getting along with children, Shane loved children and they always loved her back. I wanted to get her into Therapy work but because of her blindness it would have been hard for her to pass all the tests. Shane was loved by many and often referred to as people’s favorite dog.


Shane getting her blanket from Sheryl's daughter Kiana

She was so easy going and lovable. Her full name means Spot received with rejoicing in Swahili. Her name really fit her too. Days before we had to say good bye we gave Shane an 18th Birthday party. My daughter Kiana insisted on a cake so we found a Birthday biscuit that said Happy Birthday on it. Kiana made her a beautiful card.

Even though I know she had a full and wonderful life I still miss her and was sad to say good-bye. Its never easy, never will be but I am thankful for all the beautiful memories I have.

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  1. I had the pleasure of knowing Shane and also babysit her at times. She was an amazing dog with her blindness.
    She had her own way of letting you know when she wanted outside or eat.
    And to get her attention you could stomp the ground, she felt the vibration and would walk toward you.
    She was a very Loving dog even without being able to see.
    She is Greatly Missed.

    Lana Craig. RIP SHANE.

  2. Shane will always have a special place in my heart & I’m so glad Kiana was able to know her. Shane’s resilience is hard to convey with words, it was easy to forget she was blind. RIP sweet girl.. “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” — Agnes Sligh Turnbull

    Love to you & yours, Dorian aka coffeesister <3 & |_|)


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