Animal Rescue of Fresno: A Purple Pig, a Tripod Dog, and Little Survivors

May 7, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Pets

by Wendy Hunter

Anticipate the day as if it was your birthday and you are turning six again. —Mike Dolan

Jump for joy! Sound the alarm! Alert the media! It’s almost time for the greatest event of the year, when the heavens burst open, the angels sing, and the entire world stops spinning on its axis. People of all nations gather together in peaceful harmony, sunshine beams across the globe, and even longtime enemies in the animal world find a new understanding. Canines and felines alike, find themselves dancing arm and arm through the city, sprinkling confetti along the reveler-lined streets. These merrymakers cheer and toast to this glorious day, while children chase balloons and squeal with delight. It’s hard to imagine what could cause all this magic and miracles, the happiness and honey-soaked sweetness, the downright dazzling diamonds of it all. Is it a cure for the common cold? Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase? The return of the Kardashians to TV? Oh you silly goose, it’s none of those things. Think bigger, badder, beyond belief.

Yup, once again, it’s my birthday month. Gotcha! Sooo…none of the aforementioned events will be happening, but there will probably be gifts involved. It’s actually not for a couple more weeks, so you still have plenty of shopping days left. Hey, how about a laptop, so I can continue these ramblings? Too much? In that case, some bubbly and a layered strawberry shortcake would be a delicious substitute.

Mauve is just pink trying to be purple. —James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Speaking of strawberries, you just never know what little package of sweetness you’re going to find when you step into the ARF office. It’s sad to say that we volunteers have gotten used to abandoned containers of puppies or discarded dogs tied to our front gate. But people, please, just DON’T. That is in no way, shape, or form cool. And even though we’re all slightly jaded at humankind’s cruelty, every so often, something comes along to bring a tiny bit of joy into our lives.

Early last month, ARF’s owner discovered a box sitting out by our dumpster, containing one empty bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. She searched the surrounding area for any puppies or kittens, but found nothing. And then she saw it: a small pot-bellied pig happily munching away on the neighbor’s lawn. But when our fearless leader picked up this plump porcine, it let out a shrieking scream so loud and high-pitched, it would burst even the gigantic ears of Dumbo the elephant. Oh, and did I happen to mention that this critter was wearing a pink rhinestone collar, and had been dyed a lovely shade of purple? Yes, you read that correctly…she was purple. Ugh, the craziness!

In any event, “Pinky” took up temporary residence in ARF’s office, and immediately became everybody’s favorite. I think I can safely say we all fell in love with her right away. It was hilarious watching her run around the office, snorting, poking people’s legs, trying to get into the fridge, and munching on those beloved berries. Pinky quickly became potty and kennel trained and enjoyed fruits and veggies and the occasional handful of Cheerios or animal crackers. I never tired of watching her, and wasted more time in that office than I’d like to admit. After much discussion, ARF decided to put her up for adoption where she would find a loving family and lots of space. Yesterday, Pinky went to her forever home where they promised to adore and care for her and make sure she had plenty of strawberries. Oink!

Pinky and her owner

I have been bent and broken, but — I hope — into a better shape. —Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

If you’ve been reading my babblings here for any length of time, you’re a brave soul, and you’ll know I have a true soft spot for the underdog…literally. Those dogs who have had a rough start to life or severe health challenges but put it all behind them and get on with the business of living. You might also recall that I used to be the proud owner of a tripod dog who was dealt the cancer card, yet she wasn’t ready to fold. I understand that many people are squeamish about having their pet’s leg removed after a cancer diagnosis or some other issue, but I can guarantee that dog will never notice. My “Hap” dog ran around like a whirling dervish for many years after surgery and never looked back. I’m proud to say she was the very first in my long line of adopted dogs. At Animal Rescue of Fresno, we currently have one tripod dog in residence with a gentle disposition and engaging smile.


Ariel is a medium size terrier mix with a beautiful golden coat and no inclination that she’s missing a limb. She scurries about her yard amongst all the other dogs flying around the fruit trees and water bowls, until she lays down in the sun for a much needed nap. I have discovered one thing about this cutie, and that she’s not fond of bedtime. Yesterday at ARF, we had the toughest time finding her and scoured the yard several times. Finally, I found her in the tiniest shaded corner, tucked behind the shed, and enjoying her solitude just before beddy-bye…zzzz!

We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival. —Winston Churchill


For some ARF dogs, they come into our facility with conditions that require surgery and funding which means we have to turn to our wonderful army of supporters. Meet Roxie, a cinnamon-sugar terrier mix, who loves nothing more than snuggling in your arms. She cannot seem to get enough human attention, and that includes children. Roxie arrived at ARF with both of her legs needing surgery. She had double luxating patella, with a grade of four which requires surgery. This happens when your dog’s patella (or kneecap) shifts out of its proper placement. Ouch! Roxie’s surgery was successful, and she is now searching for her forever family. She is gentle, playful, and loves kisses. If this affectionate cutie sounds like someone you need in your life, please go to our website and learn more about her.


Perhaps you’re looking for something in a Chihuahua? How about an older Chihuahua? I give you Goldie, a senior girl who’s been through a lot. She was surrendered to a high kill shelter by her owners, possibly because they couldn’t afford medical care. In addition to being spayed, she needed a dental, and the removal of some mammary tumors. Goldie ended up having 11 teeth removed, which makes me feel like a big fraidy cat for freaking out whenever I go to the dentist. Later on, we noticed that Goldie had an injured eye. We have gone above and beyond in getting her the care she needs, hoping the eye could be saved. The vet is now going to try another procedure, where he brings the third eyelash flap over the injury in order for it to heal. After that, Goldie will be ready for her new home. Maybe you have some tenderness and affection (and treats) for this little lovely?

If you are interested in any of these dogs, please head over to our website and fill out an application. An ARF volunteer will contact you to set up an appointment.

Purple as tulips in May, mauve
into lush velvet, purple
as the stain blackberries leave
on the lips, on the hands,
the purple of ripe grapes
sunlit and warm as flesh…
—Marge Piercy

Animal Rescue of Fresno
4545 E Dakota Ave.
Fresno, CA 93726

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Wendy Hunter has been volunteering with ARF since 2014. She grew up in Fresno and has been an Office Assistant with Fresno County for 7 years. She has been writing all of her life, though never professionally, and currently writes personalized poetry for birthdays, weddings, pet remembrances, etc.

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  1. Hi Wendy, I just wanted to inquire about a little dog that I found in a parking lot and brought to ARF to find her forever home. She was a Chiweenie dog, very sweet, tan color who may have been about 4 yrs old. She apparently had a litter too before she was dumped/lost. Linda, who was in the office that day, named her Candy. Just wanted to know if she had found her forever home as I never seen any pictures of her on your website.


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