Iron Man 3: Movie Review

May 6, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Jesus Ibarra, Movies

by Jesus Ibarra

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To say that I was excited for this movie is an understatement. Ever since the Avengers, I have been eagerly waiting to see what Marvel has dubbed Phase Two would bring to the table, and kicking off Phase Two was Iron Man 3.

The third movie in a super hero series is always hard and they inevitably suck to some degree. Either there are too many villains, or the makers rush things so they can have a nice little bow on a trilogy. Fortunately, for Iron Man, this is technically the fourth film in Tony Stark’s journey. Because really you can think of the Avengers as a sequel to each character in it who had their own movie. So did Iron Man 3 break the mold of the dreaded third superhero movies? In a couple words: HELL YEAH!!

This movie is the best third movie in a superhero trilogy bar none. This is the new standard, sorry Dark Knight you just got usurped. Ok basic plot without giving away the movie. After the events in New York, Tony Stark is a changed man. He has PTSD symptoms, he is hyper focused on keeping Pepper Potts safe, and he is trying to make sense of a world where gods and aliens exist. So he retreats doing what he does best: building awesome armors, a lot of them. But when he faces a new foe, The Mandarin, who comes in trying to destroy everything Tony loves and pushing him to his limits he asks himself does the man make the armor or does the armor make the man?

With that in mind, this movie was near perfect. I love that they adapted some of the best storylines of the comics, like the Iron Legion and Extremis, into a more streamlined version that looked good on film. The little twists and turns the movie takes are also fun and incredibly creative to which no one, even fanboys, should have a problem with.

However, what I really loved was that this whole film was driven by one of my favorite questions that has been posed in the comics for years: Does the armor make the man or does the man make the armor. And essentially, in this film you get that story. The writing has never been funnier, wittier, and just popping on screen like it did. And although there was some really black comedy injected by director/writer Shane Black, it works fantastically well. The directing and action sequences were top notch, and the armors looked beautiful. Speaking of the armors, every time I managed to make one out I was naming it for what it was, which was nerdy fan moment for me.

If there is a complaint I have, it is that I just wish we could have spent a little more time with Tony’s toys because they looked so pretty. But again, this film is about the man not armor. And in short, to answer the question without spoiling the end, the man does indeed make the armor. Because Tony Stark is Iron Man.

And Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark. I’m sorry Marvel, but you have to move heaven and earth to keep RDJ on, because this movie solidifies that no other actor could ever be Tony Stark like he can. The man oozes charisma, emotion, wit, and brilliance on screen. Plus, the script felt like it was tailor made for not only the Tony Stark character but also for Robert Downey Jr. The chemistry he has with Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle is so good and genuine that I just grinned every time they were on screen together. The other great thing is that both Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle got a lot more screen time and a lot more to do. I won’t spoil the cool twist, but damn does Gwyneth Paltrow get to do one of the best sequences in the movie. Not only that, she does it looking hotter than ever, that woman is gorgeous. And be sure to stay after the credits for a funny post-credits scene that I loved, because it showcased something I have been wondering about since the Avengers ended. So go watch this movie, because really what else can you go watch.

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  1. Your right this movie was awesome! Downey delivers each and every time he gets in front of the camera. Yes, it’s true, I’m a fellow Downey As for the movie, I couldn’t find one thing to complain about, except the fact that I had to wait about 30 minutes for the credits to finish. You know it seems that a lot of the films now expect the viewers to sit for extras after the movie, which I But in all seriousness, this movie really exposed the human element of Starks. It’s easy to see the Iron Man as one solid force when actually it’s a man(Starks) controlling one of the greatest weapons known to man-well Marvel man. I really liked the human aspect of this particular installment, especially his interaction with Ty Simpkins. I thought that they really showed the distinction between the man and suit. And your right Potts definitely earned her keep in this one*wink* Awesome movie, every one needs to go see it ASAP. Cheers


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