The Three Musketeers On Stage at COS in Visalia

May 1, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham, Theatre

by Lorie Lewis Ham

If you are a fan of sword fights and action on stage, be sure to catch the final weekend of The Three Musketeers at COS in Visalia.

This version of the classic story was adapted by Chris Mangels who also directed, did the scenic design, and was the fight choreographer. The story in the original novel features a young man named D’Artagnan who wants to be a Musketeer. He comes to town set on joining them and stumbles upon the three most famous Musketeers- Athos (Mason Beltran Garcia), Porthos (Andrew Maximino Martinez), and Aramis (R.L. Prehiem)–by accidentally offending each of them. They then each challenge him to a duel. The four of them end up working together to save the Queen (Lauren Ventura) from the evil Cardinal Richelieu (Thomas Nance), who is manipulating King Louis XIII (David Sison-Lowe) for his own gain. The difference in this version is that D’Artagnan is actually a girl (Isabella O’Keeffe) masquerading as a boy to get a place with the Musketeers. There are also some other small changes to the story from the book, but overall it sticks to the same basic plot. I enjoyed seeing this different version with a female hero.


Aramis (R.L. Prehiem), Athos (Mason Beltran Garcia), and Porthos (Andrew Maximino Martinez)

This show is a romping good time, with a number of wonderfully choreographed and well executed sword fights-which I would say were one of the highlights of the show! While the story is filled with deception and action, there is also a lot of fun and comedy in it as well-especially from the three Musketeers who were all absolutely delightful! Other fun comedic moments were provided by D’Artagnan’s childhood friend and acting servant Thomas Planchet (William Huffaker), and the King (David Sison-Lowe), who was absolutely hilarious! Thomas Nance as the Cardinal had some perfectly creepy moments—which is what you want from a villain.


Captain De Treville (Rick Lotenero) and King Louis XIII (David Sison-Lowe)

Milady De Winter (Natalie Ezelle), who worked with the Cardinal, was one of the more complex characters in this play. Natalie portrayed that complexity well. Her servant Kitty (Misti Mata) also had some fun moments and the costumes were lovely.


D’Artagnan (Isabella O’Keeffe)

If you enjoy a good conspiracy, lots of sword action, and a nice dose of comedy, don’t miss The Three Musketeers final performances May 2-5 at the College of the Sequoias Performing Arts, 915 S Mooney Blvd., Visalia, California. You can purchase tickets at the door, or online. You can learn more on their website.

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