Sports Medicine at Reedley High

Apr 23, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Contributors, Education, Reedley News, Teens

by William Chiasson

My time in Sports Medicine at Reedley High School can only be described as a hands on, applicable class that is as educational as it is fun. The teacher, Mr. Kirby Kauk, does an excellent job of keeping the class entertaining with his endless number of stories and outrageously corny jokes that somehow amazingly help us study for tests.

Sports Med class

Sports Med involves learning basic First-Aid and taping techniques to prevent, treat, and rehabilitate sports related injuries. However, the same skills and concepts can easily be applied to every day life, such as how wearing a heavy backpack on one shoulder can literally deform one’s spine into a Scoliosis-type deformation.

Will working on taping techniques

Other activities offered in the class include competitions in Fresno, helping out in the training room at sports games, and participating in the Sports Medicine club. I highly recommend this class to anyone, especially athletes. It is a very useful class that can help improve athletic performance, prepare one for an emergency First-Aid situation, and shows how rewarding it is to help fellow RHS students working hard at sports practice to put Reedley High on top!

To learn a little more about Sports Med, check out KRL’s profile of teacher Kirby Kauk.

William Chiasson is 17 and a student at Reedley High School. While he does not know yet what he wants to do after high school, he is a very dedicated student & always exploring his options for the future. William is a member of the Sports Med Club as well as the class.


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