Martians: Earth Day, Phooey! We Want a Mars Day!

Apr 22, 2016 | 2016 Articles, Going Green, Terrific Tales

by Gail Farrelly

Enjoy this fun little Earth Day spoof! It was first published last year at

The little green creatures have made up their minds that they aren’t going to sit silently through another Earth Day while their own planet remains unrecognized. No siree!

Yesterday a bunch of Martians held a protest on the steps of the main branch of the NYC Public Library at 42nd Street in order to make their views known. They held up placards, gave out free Mars bars, and addressed the crowd of spectators.

moonA Martian scratched his pointy little head, as he reminded the crowd that Earth, “…didn’t even have a world-famous candy bar named after it.” A female Martian sounded perplexed as she asked the crowd, “If Earth is so great, why are Earthlings always yakking on and on about hoping to leave it? Y’know, trips to the moon, excursions to Mars, etc. Don’t get this at all.”

By the end of the day the Martians felt that victory was in sight. In fact, they were so confident, one of them sent a text message to Al Gore:

“10Q in advance 4 cre8ing Mars Day 4 us.”

Gail Farrelly (Twitter: @gailfarrelly) lives in Bronxville, NY. She writes mystery books, short stories, spoofs, and lots of other stuff. She’s putting the finishing touches on a book of her spoofs, LOL: 100 Comic Cameos of Current Events. She shares a website with her sister, Rita Farrelly, author of the local best seller, Not in the Bronxville: A Suburban Mystery Novel.


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