RHS Library Profile: Dawn Linhoff and Jan Sullivan

Apr 21, 2018 | 2018 Articles, Education, Reedley News

by Brissa Reyes

At many schools, there are often centers that are the main hub of student activity and learning. At Reedley High School, one of these places is the Library, where students of all different levels come to seek knowledge. This week at Kings River Life we would like to shine the light on the two amazing ladies who keep this center running: Dawn Linhoff and Jan Sullivan.

Dawn Linhoff has been a teacher/librarian for the RHS library for six years, and Riverdale High School prior to that. Receiving her Bachelor’s from Chapman’s University, she decided to pursue her teaching credential right after college at Fresno State and then her librarian credential at Fresno Pacific after that. She is passionate about learning and genuinely cares about the future of the many students she encounters within the library day today.

“The best part of my job is working with students and making connections with them. I love to help students discover the right book to read or help them finish a project or work on research or learn how to use the library resources or instill some information literacy skills in the hopes that they will become lifelong learners,” says Dawn. She notes that she enjoys the variety that comes with her job and that no day is “typical”, as one day she’ll help a student look for a book or at other times help them utilize resources located in the library.

Dawn is also the advisor for the RHS book club. Many exuberant readers take part in the club and have fun competing in competitions. At this year’s annual Battle of the Books (hosted at Fresno Pacific) the three teams received first, second, and fourth place!

Reedley High School book club

Reedley High School book club

She has two sons that attend school in Selma. Her hobbies include reading, walking, and spending time with her family.

The library has another great individual it has to thank for its efficiency: Jan Sullivan, RHS library technician. Raised in Reedley and Dunlap, she had attended Grant Middle School and was a proud Pirate herself. She has worked for the KCUSD District for thirty years and Reedley High School for the last twelve. In the past, she had worked at several other middle schools in the district such as Riverview, Alta, and Navelencia. She aids students with finding the perfect books that suit their taste and is also in charge of checking out textbooks during the beginning and end of the school year. With a smile, Jan always brightens students and staff days’ alike.

She says her favorite part of her job is getting to know the students. “Our students! I love them. They make my job awesome and they make me laugh!” The hardest part of her career is having to say goodbye to dear students that have impacted her life when changing job sites.

Jan is not only passionate about books, but about the environment, recycling, and nature as well. She is happily married to her husband Chuck, and her hobbies include gardening and taking care of her pets. She loves visiting her daughter and her grandkids, all whom she holds close to her heart.

rhs librarians

Jan Sullivan on the left and Dawn Linhoff on the right

With all the bustle and liveliness that occurs throughout the school day, much help is needed. Therefore, the library consists of many teacher’s assistants to help out with organizing books all the way to keeping the heart of the campus nice and clean. Quinn Johnson, a fellow library TA expresses, “I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an assistant in the library. There were many interesting things to learn! I cannot express how hard both Ms. Linhoff and Mrs. Sullivan work together in keeping the library efficient and open for the many students at Reedley High School.”

“It’s really great and welcoming [walking in the library]. Linhoff and Sullivan are very capable and truly go above and beyond for the students. If AIR (a school reading program) is successful, it is due to them. They’ve also made the library very attractive with their new set-up of new books and other additions that are showcased,” explains Elizabeth Hardcastle, English teacher at Reedley High.

RHS has much appreciation for these two ladies, thank you for all you do!

Brissa Reyes is a senior at RHS (graduating in 2018). She would love to attend a four year university, and hopefully continue writing and playing music. Currently, she is thinking about majoring in Human Biology or another type of science.


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