The Mercantile in Downtown Kingsburg

Apr 20, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Community, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This week we interviewed Jill O’Bannon, the owner of a charming shop in Downtown Kingsburg called The Mercantile.

KRL: What kind of shop is The Mercantile?

Jill: The Mercantile is the type of store where you can find that something that makes your house a home, the perfect gift for that person who is hard to buy for and grab a new outfit for the party your going to while your shopping!


Jill outside of The Mercantile

KRL: Are you the sole owner?

Jill: I am the sole owner, however Heritage Co. does “live” inside the Mercantile… She specializes in Women’s clothing while we collaborate on children’s and baby.

KRL: When did you first open?

Jill: I first opened in May 2017.

KRL: What inspired you to open this type of shop? Do you have a background in this type of business?

Jill: I have always wanted to own a store, I love finding unique items and bringing them into the shop for people to take home and enjoy without having to drive to Clovis or Fresno. I was a stay at home mom for 20 years but dabbled in retail before I was kingsburg

KRL: What sort of things you do sell?

Jill: I sell everything from furniture, home décor, dishes, kids clothing, kids gifts, soaps, clothing! Basically everything but the kitchen sink.

KRL: What makes your shop unique?

Jill: Our shop is set apart from others because we are directly connected to the best Bakery in town, Bella Bakery. You can grab a coffee, shop or vice versa, we strive on finding things that you just don’t see other places locally and we also try to support local business orders by carrying their product as well.kingsburg

KRL: Are you from Kingsburg? If not, why did you decide to open a shop in Kingsburg?

Jill: I am from Kingsburg, third generation, love my town and love that my grandmother’s friends will come into the shop and tell stories to my kids about their grandmother and great grandmother. It’s about legacy and family for us way more than it’s about the bottom line.

KRL: Are you doing anything special or offering anything special for Spring?

Jill: We try to “flip” the store with every major holiday… Celebrating life and family is about surrounding yourselves with things sometimes that bring back memories… “That special bunny dish my grandma always used at Easter” I want to create a place where my friends and family and those who are quickly becoming just that can find those types of items that will last for generations….kingburg

KRL: Location and hours?

Jill: We are located at 1513 Draper Street and our hours are 9-6 Monday-Friday 9-4 Saturday…. But we are known for staying late or opening early especially since we are at the shop grabbing our coffee before 9 a.m.

You can learn more on their Facebook page.

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