Spin-offs, Seniors, and “Sure Shot” Fun

Apr 20, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Books & Tales, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Carole Beers

It’s a pleasure to post for you and your KRL Reviews readers, Lorie Lewis Ham! This week I offer a Giveaway drawing for a free copy of my fun new book, Granny Gets Her Gun. The charming 212-page novel is a spinoff from the popular five-book series, the Pepper Kane Mysteries. To enter the Giveaway, merely post a comment below.

I’d love to share with you about my writing process for this book. It might strike a chord with those of you planning a project with multiple moving parts! Say a wedding or major birthday.

Active and outspoken elders with good hearts and inquisitive minds are my role models as I skip (and sometimes stumble) toward the big Eight-O. I admit to being somewhat north of 70. What do they know that I need to know? How can they love and laugh large, with time and various ailments marching on? That’s what I asked myself—and answered—in my latest cozy animal mystery, Granny Gets Her Gun. Available on Amazon and select stores.

First, I needed an appealing elder. Then I found I already had one in Martha Moses Kane. She’s the pie-baking, steadfast and spunky mother of the heroine of my Pepper Kane Mysteries that feature a Reba MacEntire-ish reporter/horse-show ace who opens a guest ranch and solves crimes. They, and a best friend from the past, can spar mightily yet love wholly.

Next, I needed a good story with a dash of romance. Since Martha and her daughter are both kin to sharpshooter Annie Oakley, and eighty-year-old Martha still horseback rides and does yoga, I came up with the idea that she lets herself be talked into starring in a wild west show to save The Best Little Bed, Barn & Breakfast in Oregon after its reputation was tainted by murder (in the five Pepper Kane Mysteries).

Carole Beers

The mystery and danger come in when Martha finds herself falling for her handsome shooting coach—who may be the neighborhood wildlife poacher, and whose alleged crimes imperil all. She must find out what’s up with that before, so to speak, she pulls the trigger on love.

I wanted balance and good secondary drama which I love seeing in books by other authors. So I added friction between Martha and her daughter and other neighbors in their rural/small town community. The leading lady’s “found” dog and beloved horse add to the merry mayhem. Her famous pumpkin-spice latte pies baked for a town cafe and Pepper’s resort guest add…spice. Haven’t I always found that a little delicious food and drink in books deepens enjoyment?

While researching crimes, guns, fashion, and Annie Oakley for the book, I learned the real Annie was a huge advocate for girls, mothers, orphans, and athletic and voting inclusion for women. I brought out those facets of “America’s Sweetheart,” Little “Sure Shot,” in this book.

It was so rewarding, to write Granny Gets Her Gun that I plan several more Granny Oakley Mysteries. After all, I’m creating a roadmap for old age. Whatever that is!

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I’ll keep the porch light on for you!

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  1. Being north of 80, I enjoy reading how
    us seniors are still active and involved.
    Sounds like a fun read. thanks

  2. Hooray for us who are still alive and doing our best to “kick” it, Mary. Besides writing daily, I ride my retired show horse, Brad, four or five times a week. Walk our Boston terrier up and down our hill daily. I am determined, powered by faith and fair health habits, to do this as many years more as the good Lord will allow. I read empowering books and look for role models. Maybe I ARE one!

  3. That sounds very interesting! Count me in!

    • Thank you, Glen+Davis! You are a peach.

  4. I love feisty senior citizens! Thank you for the chance to win this book.

    • We are alike in that, Lee Neel! I appreciate your interest.

    • I work at a nursing home and I can totally see some of our wilder residents found things like this. Nice to see a book that treats older folks as still plenty active.

      • Other elders can read this and imagine themselves as the main character! As we did with Nancy Drewe al when we were young(er).

  5. Sounds good to me!

    • All right, Teresa. It sounds like you have the spirit!

  6. Sounds like a fun book. I like the senior citizens in the storyline.

    • Good luck, Dianne! Seniors are happening, so to speak, even as we speak! I see more and more books with esteemed elders in the spotlight. It is quite refreshing!

  7. We have a winner!


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