Rio: Movie Review

Apr 18, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Books & Tales, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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The animated movie Rio is about a rare blue Macaw named Blu who has been domesticated and lives quite happily in Minnesota with his human, bookstore owner Linda. Their life is turned upside down when a stranger named Tulio arrives from Brazil wanting to mate Blu with the only other remaining blue Macaw, named Jewel, to preserve the species. This means a trip to Rio for the pair and they aren’t sure what to think about it. After some convincing, Linda decides it’s their duty and off they go.

Blu meets Jewel and the only thing on her mind is escaping not mating; Blu loves his cage, but being from the wild Jewel hates them. Things go all wrong when they are both bird napped and Jewel learns that Blu cannot fly. The rest of the movie is filled with the adventures of the pair, the other birds they meet, and Linda and Tulio’s desperate attempts to find the pair.

As the voice of Blu, Jesse Eisenberg does a delightful job of bringing this character to life. Anne Hathaway is the voice of the beautiful and independent Jewel. Jaime Fox and Will I Am lend their musical talents to a pair of birds that help Blu and Jewel, singing some fun songs along the way. George Lopez also lends his comedic talents to this movie as a Toucan.

Rio a great movie for the whole family. My little niece wanted to take Blu home, and my teenage son whom I had to drag to the movie, left saying it was great. The animation is excellent, the characters adorable. It’s funny, sweet, and teaches some life lessons along the way. Blu learns a lesson about courage, and Jewel about trust along the way.

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