Foster the People: EP Review

Apr 9, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Books & Tales, Jesus Ibarra, Music, Teens

by Jesus Ibarra

Always on the lookout for new music, I stumbled onto Foster the People while listening to radio, which I do from time to time. A perfect example of good alternative rock, Foster the People mix the rock/alt genre with some electronic synths to get an amazing sound reminiscent of the late 90s, which is my favorite decade for its birth of music.

With catchy sometimes dark lyrics, Foster the People have become one of my new favorites. When I first heard their first single off their debut EP, “Pumped up Kicks” I found myself singing along, without reserve. I instantly loved this song, sounding like an electronic version of the Broken Bells. The song itself is a simple, laid-back track that will have anyone singing along no matter what genre you are into.

Having only three tracks on this EP, setting up their full-length debut Torches in May, “Houdini”, and “Helena Beat” don’t disappoint either. “Houdini” is more electronic, but just as laid back building to a kind noisy finish, while “Helena Beat” is exactly as the title say beat oriented.

Overall this is a solid EP for a band that has much potential to become one of the best to come out of SoCal. Go pick up the EP on Amazon or iTunes, and get the full length debut Torches on May 24th.

Jesus Ibarra is 18 years old and an ongoing contributor to our Teen Talk section; with a love of all media, he’s always on the lookout for the best finds.


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