Teen Poetry Corner April 2013

Apr 6, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Teens, Terrific Tales

by Teen Poets

These poems were written by local, and not so local, teens who won our most recent Teen Talk poetry contest. The contest is open to anyone age 13-19. Any subject or type of poem will be considered with five or more poems selected each time, details below.


by David Unruh, 12th Grade
Immanuel High School, Reedley, CA

When I lay down at night
I put all my fears away,
And for just a couple hours
My love for you can stay.

Past experiences and moments
All fall into place,
Like puzzle pieces rearranging
To form your beautiful face.

My conscience is the artist
Using all my hope and love,
To create a perfect world
That I can never have.

As I watch in awe
From a place I can’t control,
I wish that you could see
All this inside my soul.

Yet as the sun comes up
And the day begins,
My fears come rushing back
As reality kicks in.

But like a candle in the dark
Or the sun after the rain,
As life continues to move on
My dreams of you remain.

I Am A Bird
by Sarah Wrubel, 10th Grade
Cypress Bay High School, Weston, Florida

I am a flightless bird
That takes off, but never soars,

Observing the adventure below,
But never really feeling the breeze through its’ bound wings.

I am a songful bird
That sings in comfort and solidarity.
One that would never bestow a concert
But wishes on stars for the courage to do so.

I am a songful and flightless bird
That hasn’t soared or flown.
That hasn’t reached its’ destination
Or chased down its’ wildest dreams.
For now, I’m just a bird

Not ready to take off,
But willing to try.

When The Willow Stopped Weeping
by Summer Hoover, 11th Grade
Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center, Visalia, CA

The Sun was shining and the skies were clear,
Yet the Willow still weeped.
The field was green and full of life.
Down, the Willow’s vines still creeped.

Then one day storm clouds filled the sky,
And lightning struck a leaf.
The Willow held its head up high.
The sight was beyond belief!


by Ashley Robbins, 12th Grade
Immanuel High School, Reedley, CA

The flick
of nervous eyelashes seems
hardly noticeable
as you hold together
shy feelings
with your look alone,
waiting for the
quick and soft
trick of the
light when your
opportune moment awaits
to fuse
our souls and minds
to hearts
together in the form
of lips touching.

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  1. It’s nice to hear from such talented young people. Keep writing.


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