Feral Paws: Patty-Cake

Apr 6, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Feral Paws Rescue

by Paula Hunsaker

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I received a call from a lady wanting to adopt a cat, and she explained it was to keep her sister’s seventeen-year-old cat company. She said that her sister had passed away and the cat is her only last link to her sister. While her sister was very ill, her cat was constantly at her side. But now her cat is grieving, and she felt that maybe another older cat will help with this sadness.

cat rescue

Patty Cake

When she called, I explained that we do adoptions by appointments. She explained that she felt the need for another cat as a companion for her sister’s cat was very urgent. I felt empathy for her and told her come on out and visit our kitties, and see our senior cats.

When she came out to visit our rescue to see the cats, she began to tell me that she read our story on our website about our rescue. She was so impressed that she said to her niece: this is where we will get our kitty, they save cats from High Kill Shelters that are going to be put down. As she walked through our Cattery, she was surprised how friendly our cats are and how they let you hold them, and they don’t act out, bite, or scratch you. As she visited our cats she was having a hard time picking the companion cat best for her sister’s cat.

Then she met Patty-Cake, and when she picked her up and held Patty-Cake she said, “This is the cat! Perfect for my sister’s cat!” So sweet and laid back, “Perfect.” As she walked around our rescue she stated, “I am so impressed with your setup for the kitties. This is how all rescue cats should live.”

cat rescue

Patty Cake

Patty-Cake went home to meet her sister’s cat. I got a text with photos right away, after she got home. Patty-Cake and her sister’s cat had met, and it was amazing the bond between them right away. There were no issues with her sister’s cat or Patty-Cake, in fact Patty-Cake made herself at home right away. Patty-Cake even make friends with the dogs in the home.

A few days later we got a text with Patty-Cake in the photo telling our rescue “Thank you for saving my life. Plus finding me a forever home. I love you Feral Paws, but I am not coming back because I have found my forever home for life!”

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  1. What a great story! Love happy endings and folks who think “rescue” when adopting!!


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