Feral Paws Rescue: Adopting Pets in the Time of Covid-19

Apr 1, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Feral Paws Rescue

by Paula Hunsaker

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL’s article about Feral Paws to learn more about them.

During this unusual time in all our lives due to the Covid-19 virus, many of you are at home and now thinking it is a good time to bring a new cat or kitten into your home to spend time with while you shelter-in-place. But what happens when we all go back to work? Are you going to then think the cat/kitten won’t work because you’re busy again?

??Adopting a pet cat or dog should always be considered as a forever pet during hard times and good times. They are not just to be a play toy to have when it is best for the human that has adopted this pet. Remember, kittens grow up to be adult cats, so will that change your thoughts of keeping this pet? You must remember that pets have feelings as well, and go through stress moving around. It’s hard on them to go from place to place and then be dumped again because they’re not considered convenient anymore. Adopted pets are for life!??

The cats at our rescue were all cats/kittens who were dumped at high-kill shelters. Their life has been ripped from a warm bed to a cold kennel with loud slamming doors, and the smell of death all around them at these high-kill shelters. They sit in these cages looking at people walk by waiting to see if the human that dumped them is coming back for them. They no longer have that warm blanket to lay on, instead just newspaper while they are at the shelter. For so many animals, their stress level and being in the unknown break them down, and they begin to get sick. Animals are like humans, they need the feeling of being loved as well.??

Pets are like having kids, they should remain with us for life and not just for a few days, weeks, or months – and then you realize they take work like a child: cleaning up after, feeding and shopping for them, or going to a doctor (veterinarian). But that is what goes along with owning a pet! They aren’t just a short-term toy to play with and then toss out like trash. Humans need to seriously think about bringing a pet into their home and all that accompanies bringing them home.??

Our rescue walks into seventeen different high-kill shelters in California, pulling cats/kittens from certain death sentences. We see the stress and sadness in their eyes, and all the while reaching out with their little paws begging for us to take them home. And yet, all the while knowing we can’t save them all, but also knowing that in less than five to seven days they will be euthanized if not adopted or rescued.??

At this particular time of year, kitten season is coming upon us fast. Almost all shelters will be filling up with kittens due to the simple fact that people don’t spay or neuter their pets. It is not the animals fault, it’s a human problem. ??

Pet adoptions in the time of this corona virus and the safety of the cats and prospective adopters is an interesting dynamic. Most shelters/rescues have closed their doors. They should all be applauded for their hard work to keep the animals healthy and the public safe. Hope in the time of adversity. ??

At this time, we have opted to keep our small rescue open, and stagger our adoption appointments. We will continue reevaluating circumstances as this virus progresses. We diligently focus on each adopter to make sure that each cat is going to a forever home, not a part-time home with little investment in love and care. We love our cats, and we respect their right to have a good home and nurturing environment. All of our cats come from high-kill shelters, and we fully vet each cat. When one is adopted, that leaves space for another to be rescued from a high-kill shelter.

Please know that we do not allow visitors into our Cattery for the safety of our cats and volunteers. If you want to see a cat, please make an appointment. Let us know the sex, age, breed, color, and check our available cat list on our website. We want to make the best match for you and our cats. We have a designated safe area for you to view your choice of kitty. We thank you for considering giving these special cats a second chance at having a safe and loving forever home.

Please be safe and healthy.??Here are some respected organizations with Covid-19 virus information for you and your pet:

ASPCA: “Conronavirus: Keeping Your Pets Safe During The Covid-19 Crisis”
Adopt-A-Pet: “Pets and Coronavirus: Preparing to keep the whole family safe from COVID-19″
Humane Society of the United States: “Corona Virus (COVID-19) FAQs”
The Human Society of the United States: “Humane World Blog About CoronaVirus”
Cuddly: “Covid-19 and Your Pets, Your Questions Answered”

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