Seven Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Mar 29, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Mental Health

by staff

Spring is arriving and as the weather has started to warm up, we are opening our windows to let in some fresh air. Many of us have started to prepare our homes for the spring and as we declutter our physical spaces, it is equally necessary to remember to let go of the mental clutter as well. It is a good time to let our minds catch a breath of fresh air as well.

With the stressful events happening all around us and the constant feed of gloomy news on social media, it can be difficult to cope with the negative thoughts intruding on our peace. However, we must prioritize our mental health as much as our physical health. In fact, research has now shown that our physical and mental health go hand in hand. Your constantly upset stomach could very well be because of the emotional baggage you carry around every day.

If you are wondering whether your emotional health needs a dusting job, here are seven tips on spring-cleaning your mind.

Self Evaluate
Just like a temperature rise is a telltale sign that you are sick, you should also keep a check on common symptoms that could indicate that you are in a mental rut. The symptoms could include appetite changes, a change in your sleep schedule, social withdrawal, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, or any other uncharacteristic behavior.

If you experience any of these symptoms for an extended period of time, talk to your GP. They will guide you to a therapist or a rehab facility in case of substance abuse. It might be daunting to go to a rehab center, however, facilities such as Delphi Health Group have highly qualified professionals who offer individualized treatment plans and are committed to helping you become mentally resilient. No one can get you out of an emotional funk better than a therapist or counselor trained to do so. However, you can also develop habits to maintain a healthy mind space.

Start a journal
Dumping your thoughts onto a piece of paper just doesn’t lighten the load but can also help you figure out what exactly you are feeling and why you are feeling a certain way.

If you are not sure about keeping a journal, you can try keeping a gratitude journal. Just list down a few things each day that made you happy. It could be as simple as feeling nice when a stranger across the road smiled at you. This activity can make for a wholesome record to look back at when you are not feeling your best.

Move your Body
Getting yourself to move can be a game-changer for your mental health. Physical activity releases hormones that uplift your mood naturally. It also has additional benefits such as muscle strengthening, better physical health, and increased energy.

To ensure you stick to it regularly, choose an activity you enjoy. You do not have to hit the gym and strength train. You can also just blast your favorite music and dance to it or walk your dog around the neighborhood. Having a partner can also motivate you to continue the habit.

Be Mindful
Many religious and spiritual practices endorse meditation, and rightfully so. Meditation can be confusing or even frustrating at first, but it will prove to be a fruitful experience once you get the hang of it. It is an effective way to minimize stress and gain mental clarity.

If you are doubtful, follow a YouTube video or download a meditation app rather than joining a class.

Improve Your Diet
A diet consisting of processed food can make you lethargic and low on essential nutrients. Instead, opt for healthier alternatives. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you find it difficult to make time to cook, you can meal prep on weekends. You can also incorporate supplements into your diet. But make sure to check it by your doctor first.

Build a Community
It is natural to feel the urge to isolate yourself when struggling emotionally. However, no matter how small, make an effort to interact with friends and family. You do not have to call your family or hang out with your friends every day. But just a 15-minute call back home or a quick coffee with a friend once a week can also be enough.

You can also join book clubs or go to a networking event if that is your thing. The goal is to have at least some sort of social interaction in a day.

Help Others
Volunteering for an organization or an activity that you enjoy can boost your self-worth while also making a difference in the community. Helping others can be as simple as helping your neighbors unload groceries from their car or holding the door for someone coming after you. Focusing on others will force you to get out of your head and see different perspectives.

Your emotional well-being can positively impact not just your physical health but also your relationships and work. Most importantly, you will enjoy spending time with yourself, changing your outlook on life. Here’s to hoping the spring breeze warms you up emotionally as well.

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