The Epic Desk – Mike and Joey Tickle Your Taste Buds

Mar 27, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Food Fun, Tom Sims, Web Series & Vlogs

by Tom Sims

It started with one man’s love of “*boujie” foods and grew to embrace a good friend who loved meat and potatoes. Mike Carriosa and his wife, Noel, have long enjoyed the fruits of their gourmand taste buds. Mike’s buddy, Joey Abbs, has long loved meat and potatoes. Together, they embarked, over a year ago, on an adventure to discover and review foods that Joey could not spell.

That is the joke. The reality is a YouTube channel and webcast devoted to tasting new foods in new places and reviewing them with candor, humor, and lively banter. It is called “The Epic Desk,” and it is fun and informative. From Fresno to Las Vegas, these culinary travelers invite YouTubers to explore foods and experiences ranging from exotic to ridiculous.

Ridiculous? indeed. In a recent lock-down episode, the pair reviewed Durian Candy.

The consensus was that it was awful. That made me curious and it was the first topic in my recorded interview with the pair. Unlike Mike, I have not acquired the skills and equipment, nor the editing abilities to be an accomplished YouTube videographer. That took Mike and investment of time and money. I am just a Zoomer (and a Baby Zoomer) at that. But this video is genuinely funny because of the chemistry between Mike and Joey.

YouTube: Mike and Joey Interview about “The Epic Desk” 0:23:36

So, put up with the lapses in quality and enjoy! I will offer you a money-back guarantee on anything you spend.

Of his journey, Mike says, “I found myself spending a lot of time on Yelp either writing or reading reviews of restaurants and on YouTube watching restaurant/Food review channels.” The thought occurred to him that he could do that. Then, he remembered his friend and co-worker, Joey Abbs.

“So, with so many people using restaurant review apps, I had the idea of making a YouTube channel where we not only do restaurant reviews but also encourage and teach people how to do reviews. I felt that a lot of people would give unfair or malicious restaurant reviews, and I thought maybe we could teach them to be more constructive in their criticisms.”

“So I told my wife about that idea and she thought it was a good one, but didn’t want to participate, being a little camera shy. So, I told my buddy Joey (Who was an aspiring foodie), and he love the idea. I then started doing homework on how to start a YouTube channel…everything from cameras to editing software. So after about a month of research and development, we shot our first video. ”

That is the story, and the story goes on. The first goal is to get to 4000 viewers so that the channel can be monetized. Mike’s ultimate goal is to retire and do this full-time. Help them out and subscribe. You will not be sorry. They are funny! Really funny!


* Boujie is derived from the French “boureois” and refers to an aspiration to be upper class. When applied to food, it is similar in connotation to “gourmet.”

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