Murder, Mayhem, and Crooks Gone Wild

Mar 17, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Sandra Wells

My name is Sandra Wells, and I write murder mystery books all set in the state of New Hampshire. I didn’t decide to become a writer until last March when I turned fifty-nine years old. I now have four books, The New Hampshire Series. They were written in eight months, all now published. I wrote them all on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone 9+, 929 miles away in Saint Clair, Tennessee. “Murder, mayhem and crooks gone wild” is the theme, and each book have two separate stories going on. I just start writing, and three-quarters of the way through a book, “I still don’t know what the ending is going to be.” Finding “cool ways” to kill off characters is part of my craft.

My first novel, Just Like That, debuts the two Portsmouth police detectives that try to solve crimes before the bodies begin piling up. Detective Kelly G. and Detective Carver investigate the murder of parents who are killed by their own children while one of the detectives, Kelly G., deals with her own personal “insane stalker.”

My second book, Nothing Else Matters, has the two Portsmouth detectives investigating a revenge murder and a young kidnapped girl who is being sold on a dark web auction. “Two rogue cops working with a heartless local drug dealer who doesn’t blink an eye at killing his own drug runners complicate the search. Deceit, murder and corruption run rampant.”

Fatal Prediction is the third book in The New Hampshire Series starring the Portsmouth detectives. A recently released inmate “with a grudge” goes after his ex-wife. Two very young children are taken and left alone in a cabin in the New Hampshire wilderness. Can a psychic help find them in time? Meanwhile, a doctor and his nurse are stealing newborn babies to sell for profit into adoption.

Sandra Wells

My fourth book in the series, Before Dawn, brings back two characters from the other books who become more diabolical with time. Revenge drives one of them to murder women as they drive innocently down the interstate. Nurse Milly has secretly kept one of the babies that her and the doctor took and has had her hidden away in her home for five years.

I am in the process of writing my fifth book which should be released in March. The name of it is The Clock Struck Midnight. I have decided to give the detectives a break and write about something entirely different. This book takes place on Ocracoke Island, which is off the Outerbanks of North Carolina. Blackbeard the ghost is making an appearance after 300 years.

I hope that you purchase and enjoy my books. I intend to keep writing for a long time.

My Seacoast-themed books can be purchased through the publisher at I can be reached through my author profile at

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