The Blab With DJ Reimer: RHS Happenings-DC, Fireworks & West Side Story

Mar 16, 2013 | 2013 Articles, DJ Reimer, Education

by D.J. Reimer

It has been a sigh of relief to know that February is done. I blinked, and now it is March! Blossoms are blooming, the weather is warming (sometimes), and my allergies are driving me nuts! Seriously, there needs to be just one pill that protects people from sinus headaches, coughing, fever, achiness, drowsiness, etc. I think there may be one but I hear its illegal in most states…

Speaking of the American legal system, I went to DC for a week! Last October, I received a letter notifying me that I had been selected as a delegate to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security. Courtesy of some generous grandparents and members of the Reedley Peace Center, I was able to acquire the financial means to go to the forum. Those of you that know me personally know that DC is like my Disneyland. Despite critical remarks from cynics, DC really is a wonderful place. Due to the inauguration ceremonies being a few weeks ago, most of the city was under construction. It was still a gorgeous city. I feel invincible when I stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

D.J. Reimer

One of the first days, we were allowed to randomly self guide ourselves around Washington. Some of my peers at the forum, who were motivated political junkies like me, decided to call up as many Senators as possible. If DC is our Disneyland, Congressmen are like Mickey and Minnie! We called many offices and got the same answer “Senator so and so has a very tight schedule”. Now…if Congress has a reputation for not getting things done, what could they possibly be busy with! Some fellow California delegates and I did get our picture with California Senator Barbara Boxer which was fantastic! We also saw a protest outside the Supreme Court and Al Sharpton give a speech about how sad MLK would be if he were alive…or something like that. We also had various site selections. I had the opportunity to visit the Japanese embassy.

When we weren’t exploring the magical city, we were attending seminars with speakers with former government and non-government backgrounds (some guy told me he couldn’t show me a picture of Osama bin Laden, which was disappointing), attending career fairs, and simulating real world scenarios. Each of the 10 groups had to have subgroups that covered every level of government and bureaucracy: Media, Intelligence, Defense, Diplomacy, Legislative, and Executive. My group elected me President so I served in the Executive department (one group elected a woman president, have no fear ladies, your time will come!).

After having a blast, I came home to business, business, and more business! Yearbook deadlines need to be met, we need to raise $2,500 to have fireworks, and West Side Story rehearsals altogether are pushing me to my limits, and I’m loving it! West Side Story plays March 15-17, 21, and 22. All must attend this musical phenomenon! Additionally, as many donations as possible are greatly appreciated for the Class of 2013 to have fireworks.

Check out KRL’s preview article about RHS’ production of West Side Story & you can enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets, plus get more info about the show!

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D.J. Reimer has lived all of his life in Reedley and is a senior at Reedley High School where he serves as President of the Associated Study Body & Editor in Chief of the Yearbook. He is also very active in student clubs, choir, and drama at Reedley High School. After graduating, he intends to pursue either international business or political science and improve the world in which he lives.


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