10 Most exciting ideas for your kid’s birthday bash

Mar 12, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Arts & Entertainment

by staff

Birthdays are one of the most thrilling and happening events for kids. The excitement of having friends over, going out, and unboxing presents is all visible through their innocent eyes. However, it’s not all fun and games for the parents, though. The constant stress of hosting, looking after hyper kids or wicked and mischievous teenagers, and planning a birthday in the first place can all be a little too overwhelming. Still, every parent wants to do the best for their child. They want to go all out and plan the most unique and creative birthday party—one which their kids will remember for a long time.

Coming up with themes and out-of-the-box birthday ideas can be tricky. After all, there is only so much a human mind can think of. Either parent is often found contemplating between ideas or is completely blank on what to do. If you are in the same boat, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Below, we have discussed plenty of party ideas to make your little one’s day extra special.

Soft play parties

Nothing makes little children happier than being left in a play area with a bunch of their friends. Nearly all kid’s playhouses rent their soft play areas for birthday parties. Not only that, but they also offer several birthday packages depending on your budget and requirements. The most economical one involves a few hours of playtime inside the play area with a reserved space for snacks and refreshments. A little costly package might include other engagements like a puppet show, bouncy castle, or hiring a magician to entertain kids.

Swimming party
If your child’s birthday comes in the summers, a swimming party is a perfect choice for you to pick. Many swimming pools let you host birthday parties under certain conditions. There should be at least one or two adults for supervision (preferably those who can get inside the water with the kids), and make sure to pre-arrange inflatables for guests.
A swimming party can be a little work, but it’s a guaranteed hit. The children will undoubtedly be very pleased and enjoy themselves thoroughly.

Movie night
Old-school but a forever classic idea. A movie night is hassle-free, easy-to-plan, and a definite hit. All you need is a screen, a projector, a kid’s movie, popcorn, and some snacks. If you want to go a little over and beyond, you can move outdoors, do some décor; maybe some ferry lights, LED bulbs, balloons, and birthday banners. Distribute some blankets to create a cozy vibe. You can even print out movie tickets to make the party more enjoyable.
A movie night is a quick, decent, and fun birthday get-together for kids. It’s not much work for the parents and excellent entertainment for the children.

The typical garage birthdays are so overdone and boring now. Plan something a little more exciting for your kid’s special day. Consider taking your child’s friends out for a competitive game at any of the local facilities. Try out ice skating or rock-climbing if you want to stay indoors. Mini golf, cricket, or soccer are great options for some outdoor fun.
Sometimes a friendly competition is all these little minds need to stay active and engaged.

Dance-off and Karaoke
Who doesn’t love dancing and singing their hearts out to their favorite tunes? Set up a mini dance floor, arrange some mics, and speakers and get those little ones grooving and moving!
Perhaps, if you think only adults enjoy karaoke, then you are entirely wrong. Gather many young girls and boys, put on ‘let it go’ and see their reaction.

Space themed birthday party
Suppose your kid is into space movies, astronomy and is a Star Wars or Star Trek fan. In that case, this is your clue to think unconventionally and plan a fantastic space-themed birthday party. Pick some fancy, galactic decorations like cardboard astronauts, a space piñata, and some glow-in-the-dark stars and moons. Please don’t go off the theme with anything, be it food, activities, or décor, and you are good to go.

If you think planning and organizing a themed birthday is too much effort for you, then hire an event planner. There are plenty who work under different budgets and do splendid jobs.

A make-over party

There is nothing more exciting for little boys and girls than getting a make-over. Host a kid’s pamper party by taking them to a salon or call for in-home services. Treat your guests to some manicures, pedicures, hair, and makeup. Goody bags can include some makeup and skincare goodies like oils, face masks, and lip balms.
A relaxing spa treatment is a unique and fun choice for kids of all ages.

Scientists Day
Wise parents never miss a chance to encourage their kids to learn. Kids love experimenting, and they will love this science-themed birthday party. Handout some coats, goggles, slime, and bath bombs and let them play around. You can also put together experiments like exploding lava or bottle rockets to add to the fun.

Drive-through birthday
Lately, in-person gatherings have significantly reduced due to the pandemic and the lockdown. Drive-through birthdays are a popular hit this season simply because they are safe, socially distant, and fun. Set up your outdoor area with balloons and maybe a throne-like chair for the birthday boy or girl. Your guests can drive past your place one by one, dropping a present and taking part in your miniature celebration.

It’s never too early to teach your kids good habits and the concept of giving back. If you or your kid are not looking to have a whole flesh birthday party instead of planning a more educational venture, consider public volunteering. Such events include:

Cleaning the beach
Helping out the sick and underprivileged
Distributing food and ration
Spending a day with the elderly in shelter homes

Planning and organizing a kid’s birthday bash can be a challenge. Creativity is the key. The more unique activities, themes, and games you’ll offer, the more the kids will enjoy. You can go big or keep it low-key-as long as the kids have fun. However, remember not to overburden yourself. Stress is your worst enemy. Try and keep things simple, effortless, and entertaining. It’s a win-win situation for both – you and the kids.
Scroll through the above-given ideas if you want to create a memorable, fun, and loving birthday experience for your child.

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