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Mar 9, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Mallory Moad, Rogue Festival

by Mallory Moad

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#FresnoWriters Live
Review by Mallory Moad

The Fresno State Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing has returned to the Rogue festival with #FresnoWriters Live. Each of four performances showcases a different group of students. The show I attended featured four writers representing the Chicanx Writers and Artists Association, CWAA. Their work focused on family, culture, and sense of self.

Shelby Pinkham, a queer Chicanx poet from Bakersfield, read a series of fragment poems entitled “Mood Board For Pleasure.” Assembled from phrases taken from online reviews for sex toys, the piece referenced the objectification of women, resulting in a statement that was thought provoking and powerful.

Aidan Castro writes about his experience as a transgender man and growing up in Dinuba. His work is strong and deeply personal, particularly in “At The Grandview Library,” in which he describes his early struggles with sexual identity and body image.

The work of Cristina Sandoval, a poet from Modesto and a proud Chicana, centers around family and connection. In “Reflection on an Old Home Movie” and “Southside Modesto Age 8,” memories were brought to life through vivid, visual descriptions.

Hermelinda Hernandez is an aspiring poet of Zapoteco descent. Her poem, “Lengua Franca” was a rhythmic piece about language. She speaks three (Zapoteco, Spanish and English) and all were represented in this short but fierce work.

#FresnoWriters Live will have one more performance on Saturday, March 12 at 8:00 p.m. at Goldsteins. The show include voices from the Hmong American Ink and Stories club, HAIS.

Mallory Moad is a visual/performance artist, vocalist in the jazz band Scats on The Sly and a proud Central San Joaquin Valley native.


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