5 Reasons Spring Cleaning is Important

Mar 9, 2021 | 2021 Articles

by staff

Everybody loves the transition from winter into spring; instead of cold, snowy mornings, you can finally wake up to sunshine. However, there is one thing about spring that everybody dreads doing, and that happens to be the infamous spring cleaning. But there isn’t another time of year that anyone could picture themselves doing it.

If you think about it, the weather change makes it easy for you to start cleaning the grime that’s gathered in those hard-to-see places over the winter. Plus, it becomes a habit for you and your family to clean during spring. Some people enjoy the thought of spring cleaning. Plus, several other factors go into spring cleaning.

A Reset Button

After the winter seasons, there is a nice change of pace because of the weather change and the start of outdoor activities. The environment from winter to summer is the most significant change in the aura in all seasons. It is a gradual change in weather patterns from summer to fall to winter, so it leads you into it.

It is a pretty big jump in weather and overall feel from winter to spring, so an action like cleaning, helps you set up for this change. It functions as a reset button.


Spring cleaning improves productivity throughout the rest of the year. After winter, it is a drag to find the desire to get simple tasks done because it was such hard work to function in the weather. Doing an activity like spring cleaning will call you back on track and want to do more activities.

The Smell

The smell after spring cleaning is phenomenal. Once you have completed the task of spring cleaning, the lemon-fresh smell, combined with the natural smell of spring, makes for an environment that everyone wants to be around.


Spring cleaning has been commonly known to increase people’s moods throughout the day after being completed. Once you have finished all of the cleanings, you feel accomplished and better about yourself, and once you have completed all of your cleaning tasks.


Your focus will drastically increase in other aspects of your life once you have completed spring cleaning. Completing a daunting task such as spring cleaning will allow you to zone in on other jobs in your life.

Some people look forward to spring cleaning, and others hate its thought; either way, it is always something that has to be done. It becomes habitual and a part of everyone’s yearly routine. Knowing some of the lesser-known reasons for spring cleaning might influence you to be more open to cleaning.

Instead of thinking about how miserable the experience of spring cleaning is, think about some of the outcomes that it brings. Plus, if you didn’t clean your house over spring, you would have to look for Los Angeles homes for sale because your home would be so filthy.

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