Rango: Movie Review

Mar 7, 2011 | Books & Tales, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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The animated movie Rango is definitely not just for kids—it is an enjoyable movie for any age. Johnny Depp does the voice for the main character, a chameleon named Rango who by accident ends up in the desert town of Dirt, a relic of the Wild West. Seeing this as his chance to have the exciting life he’d always imagined, he reinvents himself as a tough hero and quickly becomes their sheriff.

This movie is very much the stereotypical old western movie like those of Clint Eastwood, or the old classic Shane, the difference being that none of the main characters are human and the hero is a lizard. There’s a damsel in need of saving, action, outlaws, villains, people losing their farms due to a lack of water, a sheriff, a saloon, shootouts, etc. Rango tells again the age old story that there is a hero in all of us; something we can’t be reminded of too often.

Depp does just as wonderful a job of bringing this character to life with just his voice, as he does with any other role that he plays. It is a fun, uplifting story with action, humor and romance. There are a few bits that are a little scary for the young ones and some more adult humor that will likely go over their heads, which is likely why it is rated PG, but overall it is a perfect movie to take the entire family too.

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