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Mar 6, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Community, Lorie Lewis Ham, Reedley News

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This week we are profiling another of the newer shops in Downtown Reedley, Periwinkle Home Decor. The store is owned by Malia Jimenez and her mother Ranae Buckendahl. They are located at 759 G Street. Recently we had the chance to chat with Malia about the store.

KRL: What inspired you to open a Home Decor store?

Malia: My love for decorating started at an early age. It began with me watching my mom decorate our home and my dad’s office. We would frequent inspiring home decor shops and tour model homes often. My segue into opening a home decor shop with my mom was getting my bachelors in interior design. After years of frustration looking for unique decor pieces for clients, my mom suggested we open a shop together and carry the items I had been desperately searching for. Three days later, we had an offer in on the perfect location for our little shop.

Malia Jimenez

KRL: Why did you choose top pen the store in Reedley? Are you from Reedley?

Malia: I moved to Reedley nearly 10 years ago after marrying my husband. One day my mom and I were driving through downtown Reedley and we parked in front of a beautiful Victorian home. I told my mom I would love to open a shop there one day. Little did I know she tucked that away and years later we parked in front of that same beautiful Victorian home and she asked if I would like to open a shop with her. The next day we were meeting a realtor and touring the building I had always dreamed about.

Periwinkle Home Decor

KRL: Do you have a background in retail?

Malia: In 2016, I opened a wreath shop on Etsy specializing in magnolia wreaths. I never expected my online shop to take off like it did. Over 2,000 orders later, I decided to close the doors on that chapter and pursue interior design.

KRL: What all do you carry?

Malia: We carry a variety of home decor, kitchen and bath items, houseplants, and succulents.

KRL: What makes your store unique?

Malia: Our shop has an old French feel but has pieces that translate into different styles of decor. I love blending the lines between old and new, modern and traditional, bright and moody. Our goal is that our shop whisks you away to another place. That destination all depends on personal experience. For some it is Carmel. For others it is France. For me, it’s a little piece of heaven.

KRL: I noticed on your Instagram that you also have Graced Designs—is that a separate business? Can you tell us more about that?

Malia: Graced Designs in my interior design business. Periwinkle Home Decor is the decor shop I own with my mom.

KRL: Do you have employees or is it just yourself?

Malia: At this time, it is just my mom and myself. As our business grows, we hope to hire an employee or two.

KRL: Where can you be found online?

Malia: and Periwinkle Home Decor on Facebook.

Periwinkle Home Decor & Grace Designs
759 G Street
Reedley, CA
Hours Mon-Fri from 11-5. Closed on weekends.

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