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Out of Bounds at Rogue 2014


FROM THE 2014 Articles,
andArts & Entertainment

by Xan Scott

We have one more last minute Rogue performer article! Check for more and for Rogue reviews in our Arts & Entertainment section!

After making multiple public appearances as a red-nose wearing non-verbal physical performer at last year’s Rogue in Apocalypse Clown! I continued on to a decent-sized Fringe tour throughout North America and Canada. It was a blast! I saw so many shows in a condensed amount of time. Now I’m back with a highly personal story.

Last year I found myself drawn to the shows that were based on people’s own life stories. I wrestled with myself at first, but I knew that I had to write about my year in a cult. I was sitting on a landmine! In the sense that it makes a great subject for a show and more importantly, it’s a part of my life that still needed some serious examination.
Towards the few weeks before Rogue I was telling a few friends and co-workers what I was rehearsing for. They all wanted to see the show. I really wasn’t comfortable revealing such intimate details of myself with co-workers and family. I specifically chose to debut at Rogue, knowing it would be a supportive and intelligent audience.

Xan Scott

There are times of great isolation as an artist. Then there are rare moments when things align and suddenly you are sharing your story with the public. Only two shows into the Rogue, and after both of them I have had receiving lines. I have had people warmly offering hugs and words of encouragement. It has been a gift.

I spoke with a performer friend from last year, who shared, “It felt like we were your close friends sitting in your living room, and you were telling us what happened. It was sad, funny, vulnerable, intimate, and uplifting. “He then told me, “I left the show feeling great about myself!”

What more can you ask as a performer, who considers herself a survivor with a message? This is the debut for me in many ways. Thank you Rogue for giving me the space to try something new. Thank you audiences for taking this journey with me.

Please join me in three more performances at Mia Cuppa, Wednesday, March 5 at 6:30 p.m., Friday, March 7 at 9:30 p.m., and Saturday, March 8 at 6:30 p.m. Rogue on!

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