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Mar 3, 2018 | 2018 Articles, Food Fun, Tom Sims

by Tom Sims

Collect Coffee Bar is my newest go-to place for a relaxing and productive moment of reflection and self-collection.

Jamal Anabtawi sold Sara Jarrar a car and a conversation began which culminated in many conversations every day in a gathering place called Collect Coffee Bar.

“It is all about community,” says Sara who owns the coffee shop with her husband, Jamal.


Owners Sara & Jamal

“What drink gets you a lot of compliments that I could try?”

“People really like the Lavender Latte,” she replied.

I can see why. I could taste why. First, there was the presentation with the signature heart on top. Then, there was the aroma. Finally, there was the flavor that deepened with each sip.

Lavender Latte

Lavender Latte

I guess I’ll have to go back for the coffee. I will go back for the coffee.

Collect’s website greets you with these words:

“Welcome to Collect Coffee Bar! We are Fresno’s new hang-out spot, study pad and business meeting location.
At Collect Coffee Bar, we believe in direct trade and local business. We believe in good people and good coffee!
We proudly serve Portland’s Stumptown coffee, and the Valley’s Raizana tea, as well as pastries from local bakeries.
So please enjoy our different brewing methods and pick out your mug from our wide collection. Just come sip, bite and collect.”

Collect Coffee Bar opened last year and is one of the signature locations at the new Campus Pointe Center on Shaw near the 168 exit across the street from Save-Mart Center and Fresno State University.collect

After my time there, I emailed Sara, “The tea was absolutely delicious. The atmosphere is relaxed, yet stimulating. It was inspiring to sense the buzz of conversations around me. It was great to meet you and your husband.”

We agreed that coffee and tea are very healthy. Since we were both already members of the choir, we did not need to cite sources or argue the point. Just sip.

I resisted the displays of tempting looking food. All the pastries are seasonal, outsourced, and local.collect

My observation is that the clientele was a mix of faculty, students, business professional people, and a cross-section of ordinary folks. That is verified by my perusal of an overwhelming number of positive reviews and comments on social media and foodie sites on the internet. Comments are enthusiastic.

The decor reveals imagination and thought. Everything seems designed to make people feel at home, settle down, and talk, read, or work. They put a lot of love into their work as well as extra care.

I will go back every opportunity I have. When, in the neighborhood, it will be my favorite place to stop, sit, and sip.

Collect’s Coffee Bar
3142 E. Campus Pointe Dr.
Fresno, CA 93710
(559) 797-4267

Operating Hours:
M-F: 7 a.m.–8 p.m.
Sat: 9 a.m.–9 p.m.
Sun: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Facebook: Collect Coffee Bar
Email: info@collectcoffeebar[dot]com
Instagram: Collect Coffee Bar

The Menu
Drip Caf/Decaf
Lavender Latte
White Macadamia Latte
Espresso Con Panna
Turkish Coffee
Pour Over

Original On Tap
Nitro On Tap
Espresso On Ice
Iced Latte
Iced Mocha
Iced Lavender Latte
Iced White Macadamia Latte

Hot Chocolate
Iced Chocolate
Cream Soda
Cream Caramel
Red Bull Grenadine

Teas Hot/Iced
Tranquilly No Caffeine Tea
Lemon Drop Black Tea
Creamy Lavender Vanilla
Matcha Latte

Dairy Flavors
Vanilla. Caramel. White Chocolate. Orange.

Almond. Coconut. Soy.

Toasted Sandwiches
Grilled Cheese

Baked Goods & Sweet Bites
Cake of the Day
Seasonal Pastries

Tom Sims is a local pastor (and Grandpa!), writer, and blogger. His congregation, “The Fellowship of Joy,” is part of a larger collaborative called “4141 Ministries,” of which he is Executive Director & he is an active Toastmaster. You can also find him on Facebook.



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