The Kings Players Opening Show of 2023 The New Kid on the Block

Mar 1, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Theatre

by Amanda Braden

The Kings Players are back at it with a comedic, heartfelt play, The New Kid on the Block, written by Pat Cook and directed by Amanda Braden. This family-friendly grumpy old man comedy is being put on by the Kings Players at the historic Temple Theater at 514 Visalia St. in Hanford. This heartfelt comedy opens this coming March 3 and runs until March 19, 2023. The three first weekends of March 2023!

The performance stars beloved and long-time Kings Players actors Ron Bates and Kim Spicer, and welcoming back to the Kings Players stage with open arms, we are blessed to also have Joe Harding. Joe’s an active actor who’s making a reputation for himself as being someone who picks up a part midway thru. We are so thankful and thrilled to have him in this production. His focus on dedication to acting is evident and appreciated.

Cast of “The New Kid On the Block”

In only their second play production, we are happy to have again on the Kings Players stage Pini Etchegoin, Mamie Jo, the Sassy Sister in The Money in Uncle George’s Suitcase, and Susan Alcala, the southern widow, Jane in The Widow in Mink! Additionally, we have Jeanne Ball appearing as a mysterious lady who just has some insecurities and is trying to do a little spying action. Jeanne has appeared in several shows at the Temple Theatre in the past few years: Too Soon For Daisies, Over the River and Through the Woods, Little Women, and Angel Street! We are happy to have her back working with us.

Finally, Gary Rice is making his acting debut playing Parker Klawson, a feisty, lovable, and with an edge of mischievousness, one of the three gentlemen roommates in The New Kid on the Block. Gary, impeccably stylish with great taste, is a retired Pioneer Elementary teacher who continues to work with and inspire children teaching ukulele for a Ukulele Club.

Gary had been cast previously, 2022, in The Curious Savage, but Gary had a stroke and wasn’t able to be in The Curious Savage. But now here he is, returning to the Kings Players! Being an actor requires a lot of simultaneous skills in memory, speaking, movement, timing, and emotions, and strokes can have a significant impact on a persons’ speech, memory, and motor skills. Gary expressed that the stroke was a wakeup call that he needed, and it caused him to make some important life changes. “A stroke doesn’t have to end life. It can be a reset,” Gary says. Gary’s perseverance is inspiring, and has inspired first-time play director, Amanda Braden, to continue to try to put her best foot forward.

Not only is The New Kid on the Block bound to make you laugh and enjoy your time, the director and cast hopes to continue to spread inspiration and encouragement to others. Try to get out of your comfort zone, grow it little by little. Discipline is doable, and we can all support each other through it. This is life and this is putting on a play.

The performances will be Fridays, Saturdays (7 p.m.), and Sundays (2 p.m.) until March 19. You can reserve your seats at or by calling (559) 584-7241. Tickets are $15 and season passes for $50 are also available! Get your seats before they fill up!

We can’t wait to see you there! Enjoy the show!

And thank you from our entire cast and crew for your support and love!

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  1. Saw the show Sunday. It was super! Lotsa laughs. Most performances were sold out.


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