Save Your Hands With These 5 Safest Gloves on the Market

Mar 1, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Community

by staff

Gloves are about way more than style when you ride. If you’re looking for the safest choices for your next purchase, you need to know about these five great selections. They each have a unique feature that makes them safer than your average choices.

Top Glove Selections for Safety

Remember, when selecting motorcycle gloves, there’s not going to be a single safest glove. Riding styles differ a lot from person to person, so these selections are not ranked, they each highlight a different safety concern. If you change up your ride, you may want to change up your glove to suit the weather and the bike.provided by author

Olympia 4102 WeatherKing Extra Touch: These gloves feature durable leather construction, conductive pads for touchscreen interaction on the fingertips, and several layers of weather protection for safety when riding in cold rain. There are even shock absorption gel inserts to take the strain off your hands.
O’Neal Butch Carbon Fiber: This glove design is delicate and as sensitive as a second skin, but its unique carbon fiber construction is durable enough to protect your hands during intense races. 45 years of constant product development have led to this combination of comfort and safety for racers.
FirstGear Heated Rider: With a built-in faceshield wiper and electric heating, these are the safest cowhide gloves when you are riding in temperatures that test your cold endurance.
Thor Spectrum Gloves: Hot weather can make the idea of skipping gloves tempting, but that exposes your hands to hazards. These breathable airprene gloves keep you safe and comfortable no matter how hot it gets. Don’t get summer slippery grip, get a safe glove.
Icon Automag Glove: Built with reinforced knuckle protection for improved safety and touchscreen interactivity so you don’t have to remove them to access devices, these are a protective all-weather choice for rider safety.

Find More Gear

Your needs change with the weather, the bike, and the purpose of your ride. Make sure you have all the gear you need by checking out the wide selection of motorcycle gear available to keep yourself safe.

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