Basically Brandon Back For Season 3!

Mar 1, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Fresno’s own local talk show, Basically Brandon, has returned for a third season! Check out this interview with Brandon Delsid to find out what they have in store for the new season, which began on February 19.

KRL: You just started a brand new season so what can we look forward to this time around?

Brandon: Lots of fun and craziness as always! My co-host, Camille Gaston and I are so happy to be back on live and interviewing actors, musicians, news hosts, reality TV stars and everyone in between.

KRL: Any extra special things coming up this season?

Brandon: We’re planning on definitely expanding the show, adding in more segments, interviews and are currently planning our first musical cabaret back, which we did a lot during our first season, where we basically just do a whole live episode of a night of song featuring favorite local performers.

KRL: Any changes?

Brandon:The show is the same show that it was back in 2011 but we like to think we’ve grown and keep the pace going quickly for the hour-long episode. We’re going to be bringing you information on local shows, national Broadway tours traveling through here and lots and lots of new segments. From prank calls to interviews live on the street with random people.

KRL: How long of a break has there been since last season?

Brandon:Our second season started November 2012 and we stopped filming episodes for it in July of 2013.

KRL: I see you are back at Central Valley Talk, so how did that come about and why?

Brandon:We are indeed and are very thrilled about it! Last year we took a break from filming episodes live with Central Valley Talk and decided to try pre-recording episodes to be watched at our viewer’s convenience. We loved doing that and had a lot of success with it, but missed the interaction we got with being a part of the CVT family and shooting our shows live. So we are back live every Wednesday night!

Brandon Delsid

KRL: Exactly when are you on?

Brandon:You can watch us LIVE every Wednesday night at 10:30PM sharp on Every other night re-runs of Basically Brandon will play at 10 p.m. also on

KRL: Has a lot changed since your first season?

Brandon:I think as much as things have changed since our first season, they’ve stayed the same. The Basically Brandon team has stuck together and we are so happy to be bringing you interesting, informative, hilarious episodes live once a week to get discussions going and for you to be a huge part of. We love the fact that people can tweet and Facebook in live during the show and join the conversation.

KRL: Is it easier for you now?

Brandon: The show is consistently a unique new venture every night we do it! Every episode features usually 2-4 or more guests. This means new discussions and personalities every single night, which I love, mostly because it means every episode is immensely different from the last one. You never know what’s gonna happen when you’re filming live and that’s the fun of it!

KRL: Has it been hard to juggle theatre, this show and (school/job?)

Brandon: I love being busy and am hugely passionate about theater and Basically Brandon, as I know Camille is as well. We both have a lot of other things besides the show that we do, but we love sharing our life experiences with the viewers and hearing about theirs, and find a way to juggle it all. We love doing the show and talking to new people each night and we hope you’ll watch and come along for the journey with us!

KRL: For anyone who has never seen your show, tell us a little about it?

Brandon:Basically Brandon is a late night talk show in its third season that is equal parts informative and funny. Every Wednesday night we have a live episode which includes local guests, hot topics of the week, live musical performances, prize giveaways, silly games and more! The coolest feature about Basically Brandon is that you can tweet us or write us on Facebook live during the show and we’ll ask the guests your questions or just read your opinions out loud!

KRL: Do you have any future hopes for the show? Things you would like to do or see happen that haven’t?

Brandon:I am so proud of the show and it has become more than I ever thought it would be. I hope it continues to evolve and that people will keep tuning in because we have a spectacular season of surprises in store for you guys!

KRL: Anything else you would like to add?

Brandon: I appreciate people watching more than you know and thank you so much to our loyal viewers for tuning in these past three years! We appreciate you so much. In addition, thank you to Kings River Life for always helping get the word out for us about our episodes! You guys are the best!

KRL: Thanks 🙂 We love you too. Twitter? Facebook?

Brandon: Please follow our twitter @BasicallyBrandn (theres no O), or follow us on Facebook: Basically Brandon on to keep up to date with who is coming on our show and to communicate LIVE with us during our episodes!

KRL: Do you have any shows coming up soon you are in?

Brandon: I am in Tarzan right now at Children’s Musical Theaterworks and am super thrilled for our run which opens in the end of March. Go to for tickets! In about three weeks I’ll be having quite a few of the leads on Basically Brandon to give you a preview of the show since we’re one of the first companies in California to be putting it on!

Be sure to check out Basically Brandon’s new season every Wednesday night at 10:30 at! It’s a fun and entertaining way to spend an evening and it’s all local.

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