Poetry Corner February 2012

Feb 25, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Teens, Terrific Tales

by Teen Poets

These poems were written by local teens who won our most recent Teen Talk poetry contest. The contest is open to anyone age 13-19. Any subject or type of poem will be considered with five or more poems selected each time, details below.


The Valley Oak
by Anthony Garcia, Senior, Reedley High School

The valley oak
Sits quietly every day and night
It hears all,
It sees all,
But never breathes a word.

During the night it stands
Ominously in the moonlight
It casts a shadow-
A shadow-
Does this hide its motives?
As I peer into its mystic shape
The knots become swords
Piercing my soul with unrelenting force
The gnarled branches
Strangle the life from my bones.

Then the darkness turns to light,
The baleful shape turns into an experienced mentor
With the might to resist all-
The knowledge to persevere
The limbs,
Fade majestically into the sky
Without worries
Without regrets.

by Chase San Sebastian Eighth Grade, Dunlap elementary

Wondering the streets,
Only the soft patter of feet,

Alone he stands, a broken man.
Never to find the light, not to live a true life,
Sorrowful sighs,
Neglectful lies,
He only knows hate.
Sorry to say,
Silent whispers fill his mind,
Haunting him his entire life.
Forever lost, a life full of costs,
He knows he can’t fight the darkness.
He is an outcast.
He searches for the light,
So he can stop living in the night.
God is his only truth, he runs to him,
For that’s all he can do.
God brought him into the light.

Slightly Unexpected
by Kristalyn Patzkowski Senior, Reedley High School

One white rose.
Morning dew on every petal,
And a stem of the deepest green.
Beauty beyond compare,
And compassion that will never be
It was a gift,
A small token of love,
And the life that we will
One day, share.
Maybe it’s a long time in the future,
But here in this moment,
I’m glad that I get to spend it with him.
All these emotions,
And the butterflies,
I think I’m ready to admit it:
I’m in love!
It’s amazing what one rose,
One single, white rose,
Can make a girl want to do!

Breakfast Tea

by Christopher Cook, Senior, Reedley High

Being dark, rich, and hot, steaming,
The moisture is thick in the air as
I grab the pot which holds the black English Breakfast tea,
Which has become the center of my morning rituals.
As the steaming liquid hits the very bottom of my large tea cup,
My mouth waters, for I cannot wait to indulge.
It splashes up to the brim almost on the table,
But I stop as the tea is about to flow over my cup.
The sweet taste of a bee’s honey warms my throat,
Soothes my body and mind.

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  1. Kristalyn, I love your poem about the white rose. It reminded me so much of the poem we read in Spanish class. You are an excellent writer, actually, you are an INCREDIBLE writer! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Yesi! It’s nice to know that you like my work. Believe it or not, this was one of the easiest poems for me to write. I think that’s because the image of the white rose was quite vivid in my mind! I started writing, and I just couldn’t stop. In this case, that was a good thing. 🙂

    I also want to say, Anthony, I’m so thrilled that you have a poem published here! It’s amazing, and I hope, that sometime in the future, you’ll let me read more. Will you do that Anthony? Let me read another one of your poems?


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