The Dog Lover’s Companion to California: Book Review

Feb 25, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Pets, Sheryl Wall

by Sheryl Wall

Do you like to travel with your dog but have a hard time finding pet friendly places to stay? It can be a lot of fun taking our pets with us if we just knew where to go. The Dog Lover’s Companion to California is a great resource for dog friendly hotels, parks, beaches and more. This book is in sections of counties and they list what each county has to offer for pets and their owners. A map is also included for each section. I also like the humor and the wit of the writer’s personality that shows up throughout the pages.

I found it interesting some of the little facts included in each section. For instance, in Carmel they spend $10,000 each year just for biodegradable bags to be placed in various parks and beaches in their area. After seeing all of what Carmel has to offer for dogs and their owners, I think I may just have to make a visit there sometime. Many of the restaurants are dog friendly if you eat on their patios and most of them offer either free biscuits to your dog or even have a doggie menu you can order from. Le Coq d’Or even offers your pup a bowl of fresh water and a free burger. I think my dogs would enjoy this restaurant most of all and want to go here for every meal. In Carmel you can even take your dogs shopping with you in many of the stores such as Tiffany and Co.

There are many off leash beaches and parks throughout California listed which can be great places for some pet owners. Personally I shy away from off leash facilities unless they are not very populated because there are too many irresponsible owners out there and I don’t want to take a chance of a loose dog hurting or traumatizing my dogs. I would prefer leashed dog activities such as the Woodland Trail in San Bernardino County. It is a quiet 1.5 mile beautiful mountain trail. Another fun event is at Big Bear Lake where you and your dog can go on the lake for a boat ride. There are even various places you can get married with your pup at your side.

Always be sure to call the places you decide to visit with your pet beforehand. You may find that their pet policies have changed since the book came out. You don’t want to pack your bags and drive 5 hours to find out they no longer accept pets.

The Dog Lover’s Companion to California is a great resource to add to your library. It’s very detailed and full of many activities and places to stay with your pet. There are probably a lot of fun things you would have never even thought of before without picking up this book. After browsing through the pages, I have found many new places I am excited to visit with my dogs. I am sure if my dogs could read the book also and talk that they would beg me to take them to Carmel for a yummy burger and a walk into town.

Learn more on the author’s website & check out other dog related travel books.

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