Horror Movie Shot in the Valley

Feb 19, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Contributors, Fantasy & Fangs

by DPFentertainment

Dark Phantom Films and Entertainment is an independent film and acting group that was founded in the Bay Area in 2005 to offer an outlet for aspiring actors and people with a passion for the film and entertainment industry. It was also a dream for founder Derek Hill, a freelance screenwriter and videographer, who wanted nothing more than to make movies. Writing and shooting self-produced films since he was 13, the Visalia native decided early on his “calling” was to be a filmmaker, and after years of working as an extra and doing production assistant work on film and TV sets, decided it was time to offer something to others who shared his passion – the chance to pursue their dreams to be film actors.

Derek Hill

Now, DPFentertainment has relocated right here to the Central Valley, and has opened the doors once again for so many local talent, just dying for an opportunity to act in a movie. The now Visalia-based independent film and acting group is hitting the Valley with their first full-length feature in the area, teaming up with other local artists and organizations, such as The Central Valley Horror Club, to bring to the screen a psychological thriller, based on the book and 1999 screenplay by Derek Hill himself. The film is called The Incident and is a remake of the very first full-length film written, produced and directed by Hill, back when he was still in high school. “I’ve wanted to remake this movie for years,” said the 29-year-old director. “It was just a matter of time – and talent. And now, here we are, 12 years later, finally getting to make this movie the way I had originally saw it in my head. I am very much a visionary director.”

According to Hill, the original film was a success and has a huge following, including several awards that were presented to him, but he had always seen the film on a much larger scale than could be accomplished by a 17-year-old aspiring film director. “With the technology we have at our disposal today for the independent filmmakers, I can finally make this film the way I want and how it was written to be told on-screen.”

With news of an independent horror movie being filmed locally, Visalians jumped at the opportunity to audition for the film and get involved. People from all over the Valley began to show their support, and the film quickly began to get more attention that anyone expected. “We were approached by KSEE24 News, then the Tulare County Film Commissions office contacted us,” said Hill. “Before we knew it, the entire community was showing their support and wanting in on this project. But, we still need TONS of stuff!”

The film follows a group of friends that play an April Fool’s joke on a girl, (cast to be played by local actress Allison Enos,) resulting in her accidental death. Now, one year later, the friends find themselves victim to a masked killer who knows the truth behind their buried secret, and will stop at nothing to make them come clean. When they don’t confess the truth…”Revenge is a dish best served cold,” they find themselves caught in a deadly game of Cat-and-Mouse in this ruthless psychological thriller/horror about Murder, Lies and Revenge!

It is scheduled to begin filming in Visalia and Three Rivers of Tulare County in late February and is set to wrap in late April. This is a festival-bound independent film, with hopes of getting high recognition and going on to major distribution or even noticed by major motion picture companies. While Hill works as a shift manager at a Visalia Round Table Pizza, his true passion is his writing and films. “We hardly have a budget,” confessed the director. “We are paying for this out of our pockets…but that won’t stop me from jumping in head-first and doing what I do best – making movies!”

The remake is being written and directed by Derek Hill (writer and director of the original), and is being produced by Visalia locals Michael Callender, Joshua Jones, Andrea Wilker, Melissa Gomez, Monica Wann, as well as Hill. Hill stated that his plans for “remaking this movie” are like what Rob Zombie did for John Carpenter’s Halloween. It’s not so much a simple remake as it is a re-telling and modern adaptation of the story. The film is set for an April 2012 local release.

If you would like to become involved with Dark Phantom Films or this movie, you can contact Derek Hill. “We have high hopes for this movie, as well as the other two films we are planning this year,” concluded Hill. “I just want to live my dreams by making movies and continue giving people the opportunity I never had when I was younger. I am an artist, a leader and a rebel. I am a director.”

For more information about the film, how to become involved, or audition, please contact Derek at dark_phantom_films@live.com

DPFentertainment, or better known as Dark Phantom Films, is an independent acting and entertainment group that was founded and created in the Bay Area – now located in the heart of the Valley – to give the aspiring actor/actress or people with a passion for film and entertainment an outlet to work in – and pursue professionally if they desire. We help put together resumes, prepare for auditions for both TV/Film and stage – we also teach acting (techniques, etc) and then help get people exposure and experience to build their resume, have references, etc. For the ones who just do it to “do it” because they love it, the door is always open to work with us!


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