Sword of Darkness By Keri Arthur: Review/Giveaway

Feb 18, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, Lorie Lewis Ham, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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I am a huge fan of Keri Arthur’s writing—her books always make my favorite books of the year list! When she started a new series called the Relic Hunters in 2022, I was excited to see what new things she had in store and I wasn’t disappointed. The first book was called Crown of Shadows. Sword of Darkness is the second book in the series. The series features a pixie named Bethany Aodhán.

In Crown of Shadows, you find out that Bethany has been running the family tavern in old Deva ever since her mom disappeared six months ago. While she is a pixie, she is no ordinary pixie. Beth comes from a family who once guarded the treasures of the old gods, however, they lost that honor thanks to a light-fingered pixie. Her brother, Lugh, is a relic hunter. In Crown of Shadows, he shows up at the tavern after he has been attacked and his best friend murdered. Beth is pulled into the drama when a mysterious stone awakens powers that she didn’t know she possessed.

In Sword of Darkness, the race that began in Crown of Shadows to find three godly artifacts called Agrona’s Claws, continues. When used together, these artifacts have the power to either extend darkness or utterly banish it. They were deliberately hidden eons ago so that no man or woman would ever again wield them. The first one was recently found and stolen and now Beth and Lugh must find the Sword of Darkness before those intent on destruction can reunite them. With the help of two sexy elves both vying for Beth’s attention, Beth and Lugh are trying to save the world, but the forces of darkness are getting stronger. But Beth’s powers seem to be getting stronger as well–hopefully, she can learn how to harness them.

Once again Keri has hit it out of the park with a fast-paced, action-packed book filled with twists and turns that keep you turning the pages. One thing I love about all of her books is the combination of fantasy and mystery—which is my favorite kind of story! She also writes interesting well-developed characters and fascinating lore that keep you coming back. I can’t wait for the next book in the series to find out what happens!

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